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Craiglist Joe: Reviewed.

The other day scanning YouTube I saw an ad for a movie, A documentary actually (I love me some documentaries) for a movie entitled "Craigslist Joe". It was the movie of a man who was going to set out on his journey with nothing but basic electronics and with no help from the people he knew. He would rely entirely on building relationships with people he had met on Craigslist.

Spectum-New York | The Final Verdict

Well, this was an interesting weekend indeed. Let me start off by saying that SPECTRUM-New York was by all accounts an intimate and laid-back affair that gave collectors, artists and the public a chance to engage with pieces and their creators in a way sometimes lost in a bigger show. That being said, despite the fact that work was moving, it wasn't moving to the satisfaction of some attending artists; on the other side of that coin there were a variety of extremely gracious and excited artists engaging with the public whose work was selling right off the wall.

SPECTRUM-New York | Day One

Yours truly had the pleasure of chit chatting with a few of the talents featured at SPECTRUM New York; though traffic through the first public day was rather slow by all accounts (much to my chagrin) everyone was all smiles and graciously offered to talk with me about their work or that of their clients. In a particularly poignant tour of his current works, exhibiting artist Stanislaw Goc (Slawek) shared with me his unique style informed by his background in film. Citing Giotto and other masters as owing the corpus of their talent to the ever-present true master that is light he took me piece by piece through his photographic series REFLECTIONS My assessment: his work is pretty engaging and his varied use of materials translates this ethos well.

SPECTRUM-New York | SPECTRUM After Dark Preview

Last night I had the pleasure of previewing the SPECTRUM New York Art Far, "Fall's Fine Art Destination" running from today, October 3rd until Sunday October 6th. Can I just tell you that there is some serious talent being represented from all over the country. In talking with some very saucy people like the gracious Daniel Deljou, president and publisher at Deljou Art Group of Atlanta, GA and exhibiting artist Socrates Marquez conversation turned to the intimate nature of SPECTRUM-New York.

AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik crafts depictions of religious entities, totems that play with a taxidermist and cultural ritual inspirations to create eye-catching sculptures: