'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: Colleen and Tony, A Marriage in the Works?

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Tonight was episode 11 of season 6 of Catfish on MTV and we got to see Nev and Max rescue yet another victim of catfishing. Colleen lives in Washington and has fallen in love with someone named Tony. He reported living in Washington but Colleen never got a chance to video chat with him or meet up with him.

Despite this Colleen remained stuck on Tony, only to find out that Tony had moved to Louisiana and couldn't meet up with her.

Apparently, Tony claimed not to have any social media. Still, Tony proposed to Colleen and she's actually engaged to him.

Once Max and Nev meet Colleen in person, they find out that Colleen herself has been lying. It turns out that Colleen was ashamed of the fact that she's only been seeing Tony for 3 months but still agreed to marry him.

Colleen reveals she's so stuck on Tony because he treats her so well.

Still, Tony has no social media, and sometimes calls Colleen from two different numbers. Colleen assures Max and Nev that even if Tony turns out to be 200 lbs heavier, she'll still be able to find love with him.

Nev and Max then begin their quest to figure out Tony's true identity. They begin to explore the phone numbers that Tony has and do figure out that both numbers identify with Spokane, Washington.

Still, they can't get very far and so decide to call Tony.

Tony says that Colleen lied about her age and only found out the truth after they got engaged. Tony also reveals that he's been financially supporting Colleen and has sent her $300-400.

Nev and Max aren't sure if Colleen is lying or not but do suspect that she might be given that she's already told them a few lies. When they confront her, Colleen denies ever lying about her age and says she didn't ask Tony for money, although he did still send her money.

Max and Nev then agree to call Tony and convince him to meet up with Colleen. Tony agrees. All three of them then fly down to Louisiana to meet with Tony.

They arrive to see a home that's boarded up and Nev moves forward with the meet-up and knocks on the door. Despite the fact that Tony is nervous, he does say he's excited to meet Colleen.

He also reveals that he was lying about accusing Colleen of faking her age and sending her hundreds of dollars.

Shockingly, then Tony proceeds to beg Colleen for her forgiveness and explains that part of the reason he lied about his race and appearance was that he often has trouble getting Caucasian women to accept him as he is.

Colleen forgives Tony but he then reveals that he needs his family to accept her first since they don't approve of interracial dating.

Everyone heads over to meet with Meka, Tony's sister. Meka is shocked to hear of Tony's need to pose as a white guy in order to date. Tony explains his issues with feeling that he fits in.

Meka is skeptical about a relationship between Tony and Colleen working out given that Colleen and Tony really just met. Colleen does not want to get in the way of Tony's relationship with Meka.

Two months later, Colleen tells Nev and Max that Tony has been visiting her and trying to make things work.

This is one catfish episode that works out happily ever after.

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