'Damn, Daniel' Viral Sensations Sit Down With Ellen DeGeneres

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It's not very hard to go viral if you have the right platform and the right amount of luck.

Over the past couple of days, Daniel and Josh, the creators of Damn Daniel or #DamnDaniel, sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about their viral rise in a matter of days.

Damn, Daniel...You might be hearing that phrase for the next couple of months as Snapchat's newest sensations Josh Holz, age 15 and his friend Daniel, age 14, have created their own catchphrase. The duo has gotten so much attention that DeGeneres had to have them on her show.

The duo's videos showing off Daniel's stylish clothes has been viewed well over 45 million times and the montage is pretty hilarious.

DeGeneres welcomed Josh and Daniel to the stage to talk about how they came up with Damn, Daniel and even gave them a Damn, Daniel of their own. Josh told DeGeneres that he started it out of nowhere and people started loving it.

He told her that he never said it before he started filming it. It became an everyday post and Daniel says they had some positive feedback from other users on Snapchat so they decided to keep it going.

Daniel told DeGeneres that he went to the mall to see if anyone would notice him and he ended up taking photos with 10 or 15 people. That's when Daniel says he started to realize that it was getting pretty big. He went out for a swim meet and took 30-40, according to the viral star. At the same swim meet, Daniel called up Josh and asked him to do the voice and Josh says that all the girls started freaking out.

DeGeneres pointed out that there were Vans similar to the ones Daniel was wearing in his video on eBay for $300,000. There are also a number of posts between $300-$10,000.

Daniel says he feels bad for whoever bid or bought the sneakers.

DeGeneres even revealed that Daniel is getting marriage proposals. DeGeneres gifted Josh with a "Damn, Daniel I Was on Ellen" surfboard because he's a huge fan of surfing.

If that wasn't enough, Daniel scored big time with a lifetime supply of sneakers from Vans. Not bad for a simple Snapchat huh?

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