Arrow Season 6 Episode 17 Review: Brothers In Arms

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After somewhat flailing around for awhile, the major story arc for Arrow's sixth season has finally started to come together in recent weeks, with Ricardo Diaz's control of Star City being more and more apparent each week.

This story continues in the season's 17th episode titled "Brothers in Arms" that sees some pent up aggression lead to a major showdown between two heroes.

With most of the police force dirty, Dinah goes after Anatoly with a team of cops she believes she can trust after narrowing down who is dirty and who is not. Anatoly does not stay in custody long though, with DA Armond and Police Captain Hill coming in and getting him out.

We know that both of these characters are dirty by this point, so Oliver ends up confronting them after finding evidence of them working with Diaz.

Both use sob stories of being threatened or being offered to help their sick kid, but Oliver isn't having any of it and fires both of them.

This leads to a big moment later that is the cliffhanger of the episode, where it is revealed that they may be going after impeachment for Oliver.

As we learned last episode, Diaz is peddling Vertigo in Star City, which is a major source of income for him. They figure that if they can stop that supply line partially, that could cripple him and give them an advantage.

Oliver and Diggle go and take down one of his production areas for Vertigo, but Diggle isn't exactly happy with the way that Oliver handled the situation.

One of the ongoing storylines of the season was Oliver handling off the hood to Diggle for awhile, before taking it back when he had to.

Oliver has since decided he is at his best when he's the Green Arrow, so he wants to keep the hood, leading to him telling Diggle this episode that he won't be giving it back.

Diggle doesn't take it too well, but accepts Oliver's apology.

Diggle ends up speaking with his wife Lyla, who he tells that he accepted Oliver's apology, but just can't shake why he's angry at him. This all comes to a head later in the episode where it all comes out in an argument with Oliver. He believes that all the things that are happening in Star City are Oliver's fault due to poor decisions, with Oliver pointing out that it was under Diggle's watch that Diaz was able to take control, with him even buying drugs off of him.

This then leads to low blows about Oliver's son and Diggle's dead brother, which leads to a full on brawl between the two.

The two really go after one another in a scene that felt natural with the pent up aggression, though Felicity breaks it up before too long.

In the end, Diggle decides that he has to leave the team, as he just doesn't believe in Oliver as the leader anymore, leaving the team as just Oliver and Felicity now.

Meanwhile, the other side of the story takes place in a safehouse where the non-dirty cops that helped Dinah take down Anatoly earlier are being kept, as they know they are in danger. Curtis is also there, complete with his new boyfriend Nick, who he finds out is not a fan of vigilantes at all.

He doesn't want to tell him now, but Curtis has to jump in front of a bullet when they are attacked. Curtis thankfully has his Mr. Terrific jacket on underneath his clothing that protects him, which Nick discovers.

Dinah, Curtis, and the cops are able to escape from the area in the end.

However, it is soon after announced that Captain Hill fired Dinah and the other good cops as her last order before leaving her position.

I didn't like how this happened, as I didn't think she'd have that kind of power since she was fired, but it moved the plot along anyways.

This plot then concluded with Curtis and Dinah together, with Nick stopping by.

He reveals that maybe vigilantes aren't so bad, and he's interested in helping out now that he's seen the law isn't exactly the best way to handle things right now.

The other random plot point we learn at the end of this episode is the only appearance by Black Siren, as she is with Diaz.

He reveals that he has one last vial of Vertigo left and the two end up kissing, letting us know that they are some sort of item here.

"Brothers in Arms" is an episode I was worried about from the promo, as I really didn't want to see yet another Team Arrow members fighting episode.

However, they handled this one really well with it feeling very natural between both Oliver and Diggle. It sounds like this plot won't just be resolved easily in the future, so I'm intrigued to see what happens moving forward.

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