"90 Day Fiance: What Now?" Aleksandra and Josh's Daughter: Are The Shocking Allegations True?

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Aleksandra and Josh are one of the more successful couples from "90 Day Fiance" having navigated the K1 visa process better than most couples. Although Josh talked about his concerns about Aleksandra's "old life" and fears about how she was drinking and dancing at clubs when she was living in Prague, the couple tied the knot happily and clearly seemed to have affection for each other based on the taping of them.

However, since being featured on "90 Day Fiance: What Now," the couple has been receiving a lot of scrunity and negative publicity around the question of their daughter, Kaya, and who her true father is.

Read on below to learn more about the allegations.

The scandal all began this year when Aleksandra's friend posted this pic of Kaya on the internet.

The internet soon began to speculate about the question of whether Josh was actually Kaya's father and pointed to whether another man, often seen in Aleksandra's social media posts could be Kaya's true father.

Meanwhile, it seemed that Aleksandra only began to add fuel to the fire when she started to blur out her daughter from social media posts or at least, hide Kaya's face from her pics.

Additionally, Aleksandra made a few more moves that only seemed to fan the flames of fans' questions. For instance, she responded in a highly defensive way, as noted by Radar Online:

"Of course Josh is the father...I'd do a DNA test just for fans, but I don't want to prove something to somebody who I don't know. That's sad that people don't think and make up such silly things....

"Kids may look like their grandparents and nothing like their own parents...Especially in our family. I don't look like my mom or dad, I look more like my grandma. My daughter looks like my mom. Seriously, they have the same face. They look absolutely the same, it's crazy."

An interesting point in all of the speculation, is of course, timing.

Aleksandra and Josh appeared on a season of 90 Day Fiance that first aired in the fall (October) of 2015. However, according to Inquistr, Aleksandra and Josh actually tied the knot August 7th, 2015, almost a year after Josh originally proposed to Aleksandra, since they apparently got engaged in December, 2014.

Meanwhile, Aleksandra gave birth to Kaya in March of 2016. However, the last photo of the man thought to be the true father of Kaya, is in June 2015.

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