Anthony Anderson Reacts to Donald Trumps' 'Black-ish' Tweet on Access Hollywood

Anthony Anderson addressed Donald Trump's biting tweet against ABC's new show "Black-ish" when he appeared on Access Hollywood, Wednesday afternoon.

Trump's Tweet reads: "How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled "Blackish"? Can you imagine the furor of a show, "Whiteish"! Racism at highest level?"

And Anderson's reaction?

"[Whiteish is] called Modern Family, they're called The Middle, they're called everything that's on television right now," Anderson said.

"There's been a lack of presence of a positive black family on television, and that's one of the reasons we created the show."

Despite the slander, Anderson and Trump are friendly. They've even enjoyed games of golf together, and Anderson frequently stays in Trumps hotels.

"If he saw the show, he'd see the title has nothing to do with what he's talking about," Anderson said. "I would advise him to watch the show, then we can have an intelligent conversation about it."

Trump has been vocal on Twitter lately, spitting his opinions about everything from global warming to President Obama's reaction to the Ebola crisis.

It's no surprise Trump would cause a stir with his strong opinions about a television show he knows nothing about.

"Black-ish" appears on ABC on Wednesday nights. See for yourself if you agree with Trump or Anderson.

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