Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Preview Revealed By Shonen Jump

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The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan has revealed a short preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 86 airing on April 16th. This episode will be about Goku and Android 17. This will be their first meeting ever.

A translation from the magazine was provided kindly by DB-Z.com. The title of the episode is called "They fight for the first time! Android 17 vs Goku!".

This is the first time that they have met one another since they both missed each other back in the Cell saga. The plot summary can be seen below.

Goku and Android 17 meet for the first time! What will be the result of this recruiting attempt!? Goku went to see Android 17 in order to recruit him as a member of the team for the Tournament of Power. Android 17 now lives as a forest ranger in a nature reserve, and his answer is...

A further summary says the two will catch up with one another, although they want to spar.

The summary speculates that Android 17 has gotten a lot stronger than when he last saw him. It will be interesting to see this character since we have not seen him in any capacity in many years.

It's also great to see that Akira Toriyama has decided to make Android 17 to be an ally.

In Dragon Ball GT (which Toriyama didn't write), those writers decided to make the character a villain in the form of Super Android 17. Here we know he's nicer as he will partake in the Tournament of Power event.

As aforementioned, episode 86 of Dragon Ball Super airs on April 16th.

Episode 85 of the TV series airs later this week on April 9th. Be sure to come back as we will be reviewing and recapping every episode of Dragon Ball Super every Sunday.

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