Arrow Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Divided

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As we quite often see with the DC shows on the CW, the last episode before winter break was very dark and a sign of where things are going to go in the second half of the series.

That was the case with Arrow's fall finale, which saw the reveal that Rene had agreed to testify that Oliver was the Green Arrow in court in exchange for getting his daughter back, leading to a schism in the team.

By the end of the episode, Rene, Dinah, and Curtis walked out leaving just the original Team Arrow of Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity behind leading into episode 10 that was fittingly titled Divided.

The episode starts out with Cayden James, Black Siren, and Ricardo Diaz, known in the comics as Richard Dragon, visiting the person in town who has control of the docks.

This happens to be yet another member of the Bertinelli crime family that we've been introduced to before, this time being Helena, aka the Huntress' cousin Jerry.

It was nice to see mention of this family again, with Helena actually being referenced twice through the episode without using her name by Felicity and her cousin..

Throughout the episode, Rene, Curtis, and Dinah are separate from the rest of the team following the events of the fall finale, even though it is a few weeks later.

We do see Curtis come into the bunker early in the episode to help out with Diggle's injury with an implant he was working on.

While he was doing this, it revealed something we've known before now, that the bunker was bugged and James was listening and watching everything they've been doing all this time.

Felicity is able to use surveillance footage provided by Bertinelli to figure out a license plate and track a vehicle to a location where James and Black Siren are. However, after he attacks, Black Siren and threatens James, an ambush is revealed that includes James entire team of Richard Diaz, Anatoly, and Vigilante.

Oliver quickly bolts out of there, which seemed a little farfetched overall with the manpower that could have easily captured him and kept him in there.

James is okay with him getting away though, as he has other plans. This did let Oliver know that all of them know he is Oliver Queen and that Vigilante is working with James as well.

As we saw earlier in the episode, Dinah has been growing closer to Vince, aka Vigilante again.

Oliver brings in her, Curtis, and Rene to reveal what happened, the fact that the bunker has been bugged for months, and that Vigilante was working with James.

They were not happy that they were not told immediately about the bugged bunker, instead having them wait 24 hours to tell them.

Dinah then goes to Vince himself and she finds out that he is indeed working with James.

She handcuffs him, but he breaks out of them and ends up leaving Dinah unconscious on the ground.

This becomes a plot thread at the end of the episode where James finds out that he'd been talking to Dinah, though he says he knows how to push her buttons and will handle it.

Once again refusing to work with the likes of Rene, Dinah, and Curtis, Oliver teams up with Jerry Bertinelli to set up a trap at the docks when Bertinelli was to the point of just running for fear of his daughter's life that James had threatened. This plan does not go as planned however, with Oliver getting ambushed again with James forces.

James orders Bertinelli to shoot him, but Oliver manages to escape, leaving Bertinelli to get killed by James.

I wasn't a big fan of the fact he just left Bertinelli there to die personally, but I guess there wasn't much he could do.

The end of the episode pretty much has Oliver realizing he needs help and they can't do it alone, so they invite Curtis, Dinah, and Rene over to talk about reconciliation as a group. However, they can't trust him anymore and turn down his offer.

Curtis does give Diggle a new implant though to use, which he later tries out. This actually works, putting Spartan back into the field for Oliver finally.

The trio leaving aren't giving up being vigilantes though, as they agree to start their own team together.

Curtis even leads them to what ends up being their own home base that had me wondering where he had the money for such a nice lair.

It will be interesting to see how this group does on their own and how long before they end up making nice with Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

The episode also featured a subplot with Quentin and Thea, where Quentin is starting to wonder if Black Siren can be redeemed after saving him in the fall finale.

Thea at first tells him no, but then remembers how Malcolm Merlyn changed at the end to save her life in last year's finale.

She agrees to help him figure out a way to get through to Black Siren, though we'll see how that goes.

"Divided" overall was an okay episode. It wasn't anything special coming back, but the group drama does make sense based on the prior events.

The group of villains is also an interesting concept, but not much came out of it this past episode.

Hopefully they get back on track here with next week's episode that looks to have James going after Oliver in a more personal way.

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