Batman: The Animated Series Is Going To Be Available In HD For The First Time Ever

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When people think of classic '90s cartoons, Batman: The Animated Series is often at the very top of many people's lists.

The Emmy Award winning series has previously only released on DVD, along with being on streaming services like Amazon Video currently, but soon the series will be available in HD for the very first time.

This news came via the press release about the DC Universe streaming service, which has been provided fully by Batman-News.

Within this press release, it states that the first two seasons of Batman: The Animated Series will be available in HD for the first time through DC Universe.

More likely than not, this means the first two volumes, which is how the DVD releases were split.

The seasons themselves were a lot different back in the '90s with some being much longer.

Going with the volume idea would split the series in half, allowing them to add the other half in HD at a later date.

Technically, Batman: The Animated Series has dipped its toes into the HD game already, with Batman: Mark of the Phantasm getting a Blu-ray release more recently. However, this is the first time the show itself will be available in HD.

The series already looks fantastic as is, but it will be great to see what they can do to the series to make it look even better in HD for sure.

The way the show utilizes the dark color schemes and backgrounds will be a treat to see for the first time in HD.

Batman: The Animated Series is not the only series getting the HD treatment for the first time through DC Universe either, as it was also announced that the classic Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series was also going to get the HD treatment for the first time as well.

DC Universe is set to launch sometime later this year, with the beta testing starting for the streaming service sometime in August.

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