Alex Roulette and His Hyperrealistic Paintings

Alex Roulette is an American artist from Ohio, now residing in Brooklyn, that specializes in photographing locations and then accurately reproducing them with oil paintings, creating incredible works of art that portray with precision instants of life 'on the road' in a solitary America.

Roulette developed, through a traditional technique of painting, a personal interpretation of real life in the United States, with big empty spaces animated by characters and a scene that balances between surrealism and reality.

His capacity of perfectly controlling the lighting and colors tricks its public into almost believing that they're actually photos and not paintings.

"Through painting, I depict fictional and occasionally fantastic scenes that explore the blurred sense of time and place within memories.

The dreamlike landscapes incorporate familiar elements of suburban life that both stylistically and symbolically represent a quasi-nostalgic ordinariness.

The isolation and dislocation of cars, houses, and figures, and the exploration of subtle spatial relationships, recall the hazy state of dreams in which certain details fall into place while others fade away into the unconscious", he explains.