Tom Hanks Talks 'Sully' and More On The Ellen Show

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As he gears up for one of the most anticipated films of his career, Tom Hanks visited The Ellen Show to talk about Sully, re-tell the story and even had a Pixar-off with Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres and Hanks sat down to chat and she told Hanks that many people think they know the real story of how Captain Chesley Sullenberger safely landed a commercial flight on the Hudson River.

Hanks said Sully's life was in flux for 18 months while waiting for the Fact Finding Commission of the National Transportation and Safety Board to clear them of any wrong-doing, so-to-speak.

The star said Sully told him "bird strikes" are uncommon, which Hanks said is airline speak for "it happens all the time." As for his hair, Hanks joked that he spent so much time at the beauty parlor to get it as white as Sully's was.

Meanwhile, as two Pixar giants, it was only right that DeGeneres and Hanks have a Pixar-off.

Hanks revealed that he is working on Toy Story 4 and asked if DeGeneres ever encountered parents, who walked into an elevator with kids and started calling her Dory, trying to convince the children that she was a Pixar character.

He wanted to know if the parents would make the kids close their eyes as she spoke in the voice of Dory.

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This led to a Pixar-off, where the audience was instructed to close their eyes as Woody and Dory had a conversation. You can check out the awesome conversation between Woody and Dory form The Ellen Show in the video below.

You can catch Tom Hanks in Sully, now playing in theaters.

Tom Hanks Tells Ellen DeGeneres The Story of Sully

Watch Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres' Pixar-off