James Corden Visits The Howard Stern SiriusXM Show

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Host of The Late Late Show James Corden visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and talked his early life, whether he feels he has competition for late night television and he also gave a little insight on the highly successful Carpool Karaoke's.

Corden will be hosting the 2016 Tony Awards and currently hosts The Late Late Show. Oddly enough, Corden did not grow up wanting to get into the late night television space.

In fact, Corden wanted to join a boy band when he was younger. Stern brought Corden in to learn more about how he came to late night television.

"James said there you were a broadcaster and not so much a host. He said there were only a few channels on.

He said now there are so many he doesn't know how many there are," said Corden in response to Stern's questioning as to whether he saw some of the David Letterman and Jay Leno pieces from the past, according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard asked if he feels he's in competition with Seth Meyers. James said no.

He said television is in a place where you have to find your own place. He said he's not sure how many people even watch his show."

However, Stern said they can measure their success from the viral hits such as the Carpool Karaoke with Adele. Stern believed that the millions of views should be enough confirmation for Corden as to how successful the show is.

Corden revealed that it could take up to two hours to record the session and they actually travel around with a motorcade.

He talked about being more comfortable in the car, which provides a looser setting for the singers to sing their songs.

"Howard said Les Moonves hires him and he must think that he's going to be instantly famous. Howard said it's not like that anymore," according to MF.

"Howard said it must be really defeating. James said especially in L.A. He said that anywhere else you aren't around people."

Later on Corden talked about his family and how he found out that his father was in the first Gulf War. His father was in the Royal Air Force and made it out of the war safely.

Meanwhile, Stern continued to bring up the fact that Corden wanted to be in a boy band and was in a band called IN Satiable.

"James said all he ever wanted to do was perform. He said he likes any element of performing. Howard said none of his bands went anywhere. James said they played two prominent gigs," according to MF.

Corden spoke about being nervous for the upcoming Tony Awards and much more in his extensive interview with Howard Stern. You can check out most of his interview with Stern below and a full transcript of the show here.

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