Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 Review/Recap: Vegeta And Bulma's Baby Is Born

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After delivering us many action-packed episodes recently, Dragon Ball Super episode 83 is a quiet time.

We see the birth of Vegeta and Bulma's baby while Goku and Gohan figure out who should be a part of Universe 7's team. They need ten warriors overall.

The gang arrive at Bulma's place with Chi-Chi preparing a feast in preparation for the birth of the new baby.

They still don't know when the baby will be born, and this is causing a problem with Vegeta's participation in the tournament. Vegeta is refusing to leave Bulma's side until after the baby is born.

Before that happens, Gohan and Goku think about who should join the team. They have a weird "image battle" imagining how Krillin will fare in the tournament.

In their minds, Krillin is fighting Basil. Krillin loses the fight and Gohan isn't sure he'll be tough. Goku says Krillin should be fine as he has unique attacks.

The Supreme Kai feels that Goku and Gohan should focus on getting strong fighters from Earth first.

He said due to the destructions of Planet Namek and Vegeta, only 28 planets remain in Universe 7. Even the Supreme Kai is unsure what other fighters are out there.

Goku really wants Monaka in the team, but Beerus says he's sick. As you may remember, Goku is the only person who still thinks Monaka is really strong.

Whis asks Beerus if Goku should know the truth now. Beerus still wants to keep Goku out of the loop for some reason.

While they are brainstorming, they have come up with nine fighters good for the team. This includes: Goku, Gohan, Buu, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 17, No.

18, Vegeta and Master Roshi. They leave Kid Trunks and Goten out of the team due to inexperience. They only need one more member!

Dragon Ball Super episode 83 then becomes a heartwarming episode focusing on the birth of Vegeta and Bulma's baby.

Vegeta is thinking of a name for his kid and wants it to have a strong Saiyan name. At this point of the episode, he still doesn't want to fight in the tournament in order to support Bulma.

Whis knows they don't have much time (only 39 hours) so he uses his magical powers to make Bulma give birth to the baby already! It's a pain-free method as the baby just magically appears and Bulma is no longer pregnant.

Everyone is gushing over how cute the baby is.

There are some funny moments when everyone is holding the baby. Vegeta turns Super Saiyan Blue when Hercule and Yamcha scare it.

Trunks is apprehensive at first because he wanted a baby brother to train with him. He starts taking a liking to the baby knowing he has a little sister instead.

Vegeta is then given a chance to hold the baby and Bulma blurts out her name. The name of the baby is Bra (Bulla). Vegeta is shocked by the name, but after that he takes a liking to it.

Goku flies off to try and recruit Krillin. Yamcha overhears the conversation and wants a part of the team too. He dreams of being in the tournament, but I highly doubt they want someone so weak.

I also forgot to mention one other rule in the tournament. They are not allowed to bring any Senzu Beans as they are not natural powers of the warriors.

Senzu Beans is a form of cheating so they cannot use them. Beerus says to Goku they should eat them secretly, but Whis says they'll get caught.

Gohan, Goku, Beerus and the others are also still not telling anyone about the possibility of their Universe getting deleted. Vegeta just thinks it's a random tournament for superiority.

The universe deletion thing is still the biggest threat of this entire saga. It's still weird to me how Goku is acting in this arc. He still doesn't seem to care about lots of other universes getting wiped out.

Anyway, episode 83 of Dragon Ball Super was a nice one. It didn't really advance the story, but it's nice to have these types of episodes once in a while.

We never got to see the birth of Bra before, but now we can thanks to Super. Next week Goku tries to recruit Krillin and No. 18 to the team.

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