'I Am Jazz' Season 3: What Happened To It?

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Transgender teenager Jazz Jennings has been in the news recently because of the release of a doll modeled after her.

But while there has been a lot of talk about Jazz, there hasn't been much information about her show, I Am Jazz on TLC. So what's up with it?

You probably saw Jazz in The New York Times this week, as Tonner Doll announced that they will be selling a doll modeled after her starting in July. The doll will look like a typical girl, as you'd expect.

Tonner Dolls aren't cheap - on their website dolls go for as much as $180 or more. But the doll will be a huge step forward for the LGBT community, as it will be the first transgender doll available.

While the doll has a release date, we have heard nothing about Jazz's TLC show, I Am Jazz.

'I Am Jazz' Season 3 - What Happened To It?

The last two seasons of I Am Jazz have been like clockwork, appearing in mid-summer. Season 1 started in July 2015, and season 2 started in June 2016. Logically, we would expect season 3 to appear in June/July 2017.

But TLC has been very quiet about the show. It was renewed late -- in December -- for its second season. But this December went by with no news.

Now, we're in February and there still has been no TLC announcement.

If the show is in production for 2017, we would expect a news release by now.

The show was one of the higher-rated shows on cable -- especially among the younger demographic -- so TLC has a big incentive to renew it.

Some news outlets had previously predicted that I Am Jazz would be renewed for a third season.

Parent Herald, for example, wrote, "I am Jazz Season 3's renewal may be considered as given. The series' second season received good and strong ratings for TLC, which promises more revenue to the carrying network." Other sources said similar things.

We haven't heard much about I Am Jazz season 3 from the Jennings family either.

Jazz has made no references to it on her Twitter, and Jazz's mom only retweeted an article from 2016 about the show.

Jazz has been very busy, with several charitable groups, as well as doing some modeling, so it's possible that she hasn't had the time for more filming.

At this point, we think there's a reasonable chance that we won't see any new episodes of I Am Jazz this summer -- the best we can hope for is something in fall 2017 or spring 2018.

Hopefully the show is not over for good.

We'll keep you updated on the status as we hear more.

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