Ellen DeGeneres Urges Us Not To Believe Everything We Read

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Host Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her show with a monologue discussing fake news. She also had some pretty interesting comments on it and advice for her audience members and viewers at home.

DeGeneres wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of the fake news spreading around the internet faster than Usain Bolt in a rocket ship.

She added that there are so many fake news stories that the New York Times did a story on them. She said that meant fake news officially became real news.

The host's advice was to make sure you get the news from a source you trust.

She joked that she was a good source because she hadn't told a lie in her 36-years of life (hint: she isn't 36).

DeGeneres gave a history of how news would be spread from the days of "word-of-mouth" and radio to newspapers and online content.

In terms of the fake news, DeGeneres shared a clip of a website that was designed to look like ABC News, however, it was in fact fake.

Her point was, you can't believe anything you hear and you have to take everything with a grain of salt. You can check out Ellen DeGeneres' hilarious monologue on fake news in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Urges Us Not To Believe Everything You Read