New Dragon Ball Super: Broly TV Spot Shows Some More Additional Footage

Toei Animation has now released a new TV spot for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that is out in Japan later this year.

The TV spot shows some more additional footage that was not shown in the San Diego Comic Con trailer released back in July.

The footage again shows us that Broly will have three big fights in the movie.

The Legendary Super Saiyan will face up against Goku, Vegeta and even Frieza. This will be the first time Broly will actually be canon in the official Dragon Ball timeline.

It's also been speculated that this version of Broly will be the most powerful character that the Z fighters have ever faced. This potentially means he could even be stronger than Dragon Ball Super's Jiren!

If that ends up being true, this means Broly is sure to be the toughest opponent the Z fighters have ever seen.

Goku had to use Ultra Instinct to face Jiren at 100 percent and still needed help from Frieza and Android 17 at the end of the Tournament of Power.

In related news, the official Dragon Ball Super website posted an interview with director Tatsuya Nagamine. Herms98 on Twitter translated some of the best bits of the interview.

One thing we can gather from the interview is that Broly could be the longest Dragon Ball movie ever made.

Writer Akira Toriyama wrote almost 3 hours of content for the film, but they had to edit that down to a 90 minute movie.

While an official runtime has not been announced yet, chances are is that the film is between 95 minutes to 100 minutes long.

It also sounds like Goku, Vegeta and Frieza will be the main characters. All of their power levels have grown since we last saw them, although they still might not be strong enough to go one-on-one with Broly.

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