'90 Day Fiance' Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Azan is Only Attracted to Nicole 55%

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Tonight on 90 Day Fiance Season 5, the conflict continued among our favorite couples. Find out what happened below.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth heads back to the US and is excited to be joined by Andrei shortly. She's found an apartment for their new life together but isn't pleased about the frosty reception she expects her family to give him.

As soon as Andrei arrives, he has to ridicule Elizabeth's driving on the basis of her being a woman.

Elizabeth doesn't even bother being troubled by this; she's too preoccupied by the fact that her dad is going to be meeting Andrei soon.

Elizabeth knows her dad still sees her as his baby girl and will immediately grill Andrei about finances and his ability to support Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's father doesn't approve of Elizabeth's relationship with Andrei given that he doesn't know if he can provide for her.

Later, Elizabeth and Andrei head out to meet her family. Elizabeth's father cuts right to the chase and asks Andrei how he plans to support Elizabeth. Andrei says he plans to become a truck driver to support him and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's father persists, however, and notes that given Andrei can't work for 3 months and she just has a part time job with him, how on earth are they planning on supporting themselves.

Elizabeth notes she'd be willing to move back to Moldova if they had to, which her father and brother find absurd.

In her brother's words, "Why would you move back to Moldova, unless you were marrying the king of that country?!"

Molly and Luis

Luis is still having a tough time being a father. Kensley is still being obnoxious to Luis which doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Molly talks to Luis at the park about how she needs his help with her kids but also discusses the importance of his talking appropriately to Olivia.

Molly also asks Luis is he feels ready to be a father to her kids. Luis says he wants to try.

Olivia and Molly head out to have their nails done so that they can spend quality time together, Molly feels she doesn't get to spend time with Olivia but Olivia points out it's because she's too busy spending time with Luis.

Olivia cries and says that she feels that Luis is taking her mom away from her.

Later, Molly goes wedding dress shopping with Olivia and her own mother. Olivia is freaked out by some of Molly's choices. Still, when Molly indicates her preference, even Olivia approves.

Meanwhile, Molly's brother really likes Luis and takes him to play baseball. Luis says that he is considering moving back to the Dominican. Molly's brother encourages Luis to talk to Molly.

Annie and David

Annie feels she still loves David.

But, Annie doesn't know when she's going to see her parents again, which means saying goodbye is tough for her.

Annie's parents are still under the deluded impression that Annie has a bright future ahead of her and will be able to support them and Annie's siblings.

Annie and David then head back to the US together. When they arrive, they meet David's friend at the airport since they will be staying with Chris and Nikki.

David's kids are in their 20s - his youngest is 18. But his kids don't know yet that he's married Annie. Despite already having 3 kids, David expresses a desire to have more children with Annie.

Azan and Nicole

Azan has managed to convince Nicole to work out by accompanying him to the gym. Azan says that if he goes to America he wants to become a trainer at a gym. Azan encourages Nicole to really break a sweat at the gym.

Still, Nicole believes that a man should love her the way that she is. She also insists that she's not lazy. In a shocking interview with Azan, he admits he's only attracted to Nicole, "55%."

Azan is concerned about Nicole's sleeping in all the time and again, judges her as being lazy.

So he takes Nicole and May hiking. Azan says that he wants Nicole to work hard on her body, since it's important to him and she didn't keep her word about this in the past.

Nicole really wants to give her relationship with Azan a chance. But, when she has to stay in with May at night, Azan heads out to hang out with his friends. He recounts how much he has to help Nicole with May, which he didn't expect.

Azan also points out that he knows Nicole's family thinks he just wants a free ticket to America, but he's only going with Nicole to the US because she wants him to.

In reality, he thinks he might be better off staying at home.

Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David are looking for a new place to live together. They need the rent to be $900 or less.

Evelyn and David check out an apartment that is out of their price range but that Evelyn falls immediately in love with.

Evelyn is also pleased with the apartment given that her family lives just a few minutes away. Still, she's upset when David points out that they can't afford the place and that they may no remain in Claremont for long.

Later, Evelyn takes David to the recording studio so that he can hear her sing her music. Evelyn really wants to stay in the area but David wants her to think bigger.

Aika and Josh

Aika is pleased that she has scored a talent gig. But now, she's ready to go shopping for an engagement ring.

The ring Josh gave Aika previously belonged to his wife. Aika really wants Josh to buy her a large diamond, but he can't afford it.

Next, Aika and Josh go out to lunch to talk about the ring shopping experience. Josh feels that when Aika talks about rings, it makes him feel used.

Meanwhile, Aika is concerned about the fact that Josh wants to wait to have kids. Josh says that there are some "complications" with his having kids.

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