Henry Cavill's Manager Teases Possible Superman Cameo In Shazam!

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Henry Cavill made his debut as Clark Kent/Superman back in 2013's Man of Steel to mostly strong praise for his portrayal of the character itself, even if the movie received mediocre reviews.

He has since followed up that role with appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and most recently last year's Justice League, but now we have yet another tease that makes it sound like he may be making a cameo in yet another of DC's upcoming DC Extended Universe films.

Aquaman is the next movie to be releasing from the DCEU, but coming after that will be Shazam! starring Zachary Levi as the boy that can transform into a superhero.

There have always been plenty of connections between Shazam and Superman, with many rumors that we might see Cavill show up as Superman in this movie.

This has popped up so many times that it almost makes you think it is real, and now we have yet another hint at this.

The latest tease comes courtesy of Cavill's manager Dany Garcia via her Twitter account, where she posted a picture of Cavill in the Superman costume on the set of something that's covered in shadows with the following text associated with it.


Who is this man?

What are we saying? What are we planning?

Oh, it's goood... You'll thank me later. @GarciaCompanies

This image could simply be from one of the previous three movies for Cavill as Superman, but the tweet itself seems to hint at more.

On top of that, Cavill's manager is much more than just his manager, as she also is an executive producer on none other than Shazam!

The fact that she is working on the movie and sending out tweets like this does add a lot of credence to the idea that he might show up in the movie.

At this point though, we'll have to wait until April 5, 2019 to find out for sure when Shazam! releases into theaters.


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