Are You A Real Liv And Maddie Fan? Take Our Test To Find Out

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Who doesn't love Dove Cameron in Liv and Maddie? The show is now in its fourth season (and probably its last), so we decided it would be fun to test our knowledge of the show.

Are you a mega-fan? Take the test and find out...

1.) The actor who plays Parker on the show has a very famous relative. What's that relative's name?

2.) What was the name of the original character Josh played in Voltage?

3.) Where does Johnny Nimbus get married?

4.) Who does Dump Truck compete against in the salami competition?

5.) Where does Mrs. Rooney store the family birth certificates?

6.) Who is famous actor who likes Diggie?

7.) What is her catchphrase?

8.) What is the name of the actor who plays the stand-in for Liv?

9.) What is the name of Ruby's co-star on Sing It Louder?

10.) Who vandalized the new Ridgewood mascot?

11.) What does Joey call his accordion?

12.) What does BOOMS stand for?

13.) What do Kathy Kan and Liv do to Mrs. Rooney's office?

14.) Complete the sentence: "Together forever, we're Linda and Heather: _____________"

15.) What is the nickname Kristen Bell uses for Liv?


1.) Tenzing Norgay

2.) Garrison

3.) On the ice set of Voltage

4.) Tony Slimnose

5.) In her Thai cookbook, Win, Lose, or Thai

6.) South Salamanca

7.) "You don't even know!"

8.) Emmy Buckner

9.) Priya

10.) Artie Smalls

11.) My "squeezebox"

12.) Boyle and Oppenheimer Official Magnet School

13.) They turn it upside down

14.) "Best friends"

15.) L-roon

So how did you do? If you got 13-15 answers right, congratulations: you're a megafan.

If you got 8-12 answers right, you're a fan. If you got less than 8 answers right, you need to go to or turn on the TV and watch the series over -- because you failed.

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