Star Wars Resistance Episode 7 Review: 'Signal From Sector Six'

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Star Wars Resistance has been hit and miss as of late, but the show is still watchable. This week, the episode is slightly more entertaining thanks to Oscar Isaac coming back to reprise his role as Poe Dameron.

Poe Dameron featured in the first episode, but sadly we have not seen him since.

Instead, the main character is Kaz who is usually a naive and clumsy character. However in this week's episode, he takes a bit of a backseat with Poe Dameron leading the charge.

Poe is back visiting Kaz in order to know if The First Order is planning something big.

All that Kaz knows so far is that Captain Doza is striking some kind of deal with The First Order, but he doesn't know why yet.

We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out since nothing further is explained about that topic.

It's great to see Poe Dameron back because it officially makes Resistance feel like a proper tie-in to the actual Star Wars movies.

For the past few episodes, it didn't feel like I was watching a Star Wars cartoon aside from a few episodes where there were some Stormtroopers.

Here we get to see both Poe Dameron and Kaz finally get to pilot some X-Wings, although sadly their flight gets cut short because they receive a distress signal from an abandoned ship that looks like it has been raided by space pirates!

The pair go in to investigate as there seems to be someone here that sent the distress call in the first place.

The spaceship is dark and scary since it looks like everyone has either escaped or has already been killed!

The only thing that Poe and Kaz see are a pair of annoying Kowakian monkey-lizards.

This is the same species as Salacious B Crumb who was last seen in Return of the Jedi with Jabba the Hutt.

Obviously the characters we see today aren't him since Mr Crumb met his demise nearly 30 years ago in Tatooine.

While the pair of Kowakian monkey-lizards annoy both Poe and Kaz, they are not the real threat on this abandoned ship. There seems to be something much larger and more dangerous that has made their way onto the ship.

Poe and Kaz finally rescue someone from the ship and it's a purple alien woman by the name of Synara.

She's unconscious at the moment so they need to take her back to safety. This is easier said than done though because a big threat is still looming.

The big threat ends up being a giant sized Kowakian monkey-lizard on steroids. He pretty much looks like The Incredible Hulk and he chases both Poe and Kaz!

Eventually the two are able to escape the massive Kowakian monkey-lizard and they head back to their X-Wings. They return back to Castilon while Poe leaves yet again so Kaz can take care of Synara.

Kaz may have made a mistake because at the end of the episode, it's revealed that Synara is a space pirate herself. It seems as if she plans to steal something else much bigger now that she has been 'rescued'.

Anyway, this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance was pretty entertaining mainly because Poe Dameron came back. If Poe wasn't in the episode, it would have been much more boring.

That said, I still feel the kid friendly vibe does take away any excitement that the show can provide. I was hoping more action would have been added to the show, but violence is kept to a minimum.

The only "action" we get to see is when Kaz is running away from enemies. He sadly never gets to really shoot anything in the entire series.

Anyway, this week's episode may have started off slow, but the big twist in the ending made it a bit more interesting. It will be interesting to see what Synara does in next week's episode.

Verdict: 6.5/10

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