The New Final Wonder Woman Trailer Has Landed

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The newest trailer for Wonder Woman has now been released by Warner Bros.

This is the final trailer that will be released for the movie before it comes out on June 2nd, 2017 in North America. It appears this movie will have a lot of action and some added humor.

Since the movie is set in World War 1, there will be a lot of soldiers that Wonder Woman has to fight in the movie.

She will be joined by Steve Trevor who is being played by Chris Pine in his movie. The song that features in the trailer is "Warrior" performed by Imagine Dragons.

Many people criticized Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice due to its serious tone and lack of action.

It appears Wonder Woman will not suffer the same problems as this trailer features a few jokes and includes many action sequences. Thankfully unlike Spider-Man: Homecoming's latest trailer, there are no major spoilers revealed.

An early screening for the film occurred earlier this month and people compared it to Captain America: The First Avenger. Captain America's first film was well received, so this is a good sign for both Warner Bros.

and DC. Even though I liked Suicide Squad and Man of Steel, those movies weren't well received by everyone. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the only film I didn't really like.

Wonder Woman is not the only movie that DC will release this year. We still have the Justice League this November.

Wonder Woman is a prequel so we will get a chance to see her origin story.

Unlike Spider-Man and Batman, her origin story is not well known so it should be fresh for casual fans. You can check out the cool trailer below.

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