WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Results/Review; Epic Cell Matches

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 is in the books and it featured two epic cell matches. Sadly though, the WWE Title match was disappointing as was the WWE Women's Title match too. Anyway, let's go through the card.

The first match on the card was really exciting. The New Day faced The Usos inside Hell in a Cell. Big E and Xavier Woods represented The New Day and they were trying to defend their Tag Team titles.

What I like most about the match was how creative the teams were. They used the cage to great effect and used lots of weapons too.

It was also a decent length going for 22 minutes. In the end though, The Usos won the match and are the new Tag Team champions.

After that, we had a normal singles match with Randy Orton vs. Rusev.

This match was kind of boring as Rusev was dominating the majority of it in slow fashion. The match picked up near the end, but ended quite quickly once Orton hit the RKO. The downfall of Rusev continues.

In a surprise, WWE added Tye Dillinger to the US Title match. The match now had Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles.

This match was quite decent as all three men worked really well with one another. AJ Styles continues to be the MVP of WWE by always giving his best.

In the end though, Corbin pinned Dillinger to become the new US Champion. Hopefully this means Styles moves on to contend for the WWE Title.

Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya was decent especially the athleticism of Charlotte. Despite the commendable effort, the ending was meh. This is because Natalya disqualified herself by hitting Charlotte with a steel chair.

The other meh match at Hell in a Cell 2017 was the WWE Title match between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura tried his best to carry the match, but him and Mahal have no chemistry. The match as a whole was just dull and boring.

WWE is going all-in by making Mahal its next biggest star. The man is likely going to still be WWE Champion until WrestleMania.

Nakamura lost to the Khallas from Mahal which is his finisher. Nobody has been able to kick out of the Khallas recently so WWE is protecting his finisher.

A random match was Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler. This could have been a good match, but the two of them didn't do much.

Roode just won with a rollup for the victory. Ziggler got angry after the match and hit the Zig-Zag. Overall, this should have just been put on Smackdown Live and not on PPV.

The main event belonged to Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens inside the Hell in a Cell structure.

This match was one of the best Hell in a Cell matches I have seen in recent memory. Both McMahon and Owens made full use of the cage. There were lots of memorable moments.

For a good portion of the match, the two wrestled on top of the cage itself. It looks scary seeing them up so high.

Speaking of heights, this match had 2 epics table crashes. Owens crashed first while McMahon copied his elbow drop spot from WrestleMania 32.

The biggest twist was the ending. Sami Zayn assisted Owens to move out of the way from the elbow drop by McMahon.

McMahon was unconscious so Zayn helped Owens get the victory. The match was excellent and the heel turn by Zayn is something to look forward to for the weeks to come.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 was decent despite some dud matches in the middle.

Thankfully the cell matches were excellent and the PPV ended in a way that will carry the storylines in the future thanks to the Sami Zayn heel turn.

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