(Spoilers) The Mandalorian Episode 1 Review

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The first ever live action Star Wars movie has debuted as the highly anticipated The Mandalorian TV show finally released via Disney+.

The show lives up to the hype and there's a lot more to be excited for in the future.

Bear in mind, this review will contain spoilers so if you have not seen it yet, click away and read something else instead.

The first episode of The Mandalorian does not bog you down with backstories or boring drama. The episode pretty much starts with a lot of action and the finale ends in a huge shootout.

Usually action scenes in TV shows look cheap compared to movies because of a limited budget. Thankfully, the action in The Mandalorian is excellent as the show cost Disney $120 million to make in its first season.

While there weren't any big space battles, we did get to see The Mandalorian character himself along with IG-11 use laser pistols to smoke out a lot of enemies. It's something that you might see from a spaghetti western movie!

The action is what I thought to be the best part of the first episode and it makes me happy to know what is going to come.

I'm hoping we see a few space battles and bigger action sequences in the seven more episodes that is to come.

Gina Carano's Cara Dune doesn't appear in the first episode, but we get to see a small glimpse of The Mandalorian's past.

It looks like he had a rough upbringing as a kid, but this sequence was very brief. We might know more about the man behind the mask in future episodes.

The Mandalorian character is also very badass as he doesn't talk much and never removes his helmet. If you like the strong silent types, this show is for you!

While the first episode does not tell us much about who the main antagonist is, the ending was quite shocking. The bounty was to take a 50 year old person dead or alive with a large reward bonus.

The 50 year old ends up being a baby version of Yoda's species! What this character means for the wider Star Wars universe remains to be seen.

We have to wait for the 2nd episode to know more about this mystery character.

Anyway, The Mandalorian is arguably the best Star Wars property that Disney has ever produced so far.

The action is excellent and the first episode did not bore us with a lot of drama. This is highly recommended and you should subscribe to Disney+ in order to see it!

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