WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Full Match Card Preview And Predictions

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WWE Royal Rumble 2020 is on this Sunday and it's bound to be an interesting PPV. The matches of WrestleMania 36 have not been decided yet, so the winners could be very unpredictable.

Aside from both a Men's and Women's Royal Rumble match, the event will also have lots of other smaller matches. Let's take a look at the card and see who will win this weekend!

Shorty G vs Sheamus: This is probably the weakest and most insignificant match on the entire card.

It's good to see Sheamus back as a heel, but nothing else interests me about this match. Sheamus is bound to get the easy win here.

Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carrillo - US Title Match: Andrade has had a great run with the US Title and it will be a shame if he loses here.

Humberto Carrillo is still young so I'd like to see Andrade get the win here to solidify his heel run.

Roman Reigns vs King Corbin: This feud has been going on for far too long that I am getting sick of seeing all of these rematches.

The fact that this match is Falls Count Anywhere though could make the match a little bit more interesting. Anyway, Roman Reigns is winning this match and hopefully this storyline ends after the Royal Rumble.

Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans - Smackdown Women's Title: Lacey Evans is beginning to become a likable babyface, although I feel it's way too early for Bayley to drop the title.

I feel Bayley is going to win this match, although the feud will continue because I think Sasha Banks will interfere to help her friend Bayley.

Becky Lynch (c) vs Asuka - Raw Women's Title: Becky Lynch lost to Asuka last year at the Royal Rumble which was a big surprise at the time. Naturally, Becky Lynch has become an even bigger star than before thanks to her victory at WrestleMania 35 last year.

Lynch is getting the victory here because she's not losing the title just yet. It will be sweet revenge for The Man.

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Daniel Bryan - Universal Title Strap Match: As much as people would like to see Daniel Bryan as champion, this isn't going to happen.

WWE is still high on 'The Fiend' character and it's unlikely he'll lose a match anytime soon. Expect to see 'The Fiend' retain his title this Sunday.

Women's Royal Rumble match: Aside from Charlotte, I'm open to a lot of the other women winning this year's Royal Rumble match.

However, I don't think anyone on the current Raw and Smackdown roster have enough star power to challenge Bayley or Becky Lynch at WrestleMania.

I expect to see Shayna Baszler from NXT winning, or even Ronda Rousey coming back for a nice surprise.

Men's Royal Rumble match: Much like the Women, it's also hard to predict a winner for the Men's Rumble match. The only person that shouldn't win this match is Brock Lesnar because he's already WWE Champion.

As to who will win, I have a strong feeling WWE wants Roman Reigns to win this year. As for my personal picks, I'd like to see Drew McIntyre or Bobby Lashley win so they can face Lesnar at WrestleMania 36!

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