Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Reveals Numerous Character Bios

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The first Dragon Ball Heroes anime episode will be released later this year and now we have the first details of the characters that will appear in it. Some small character bios have now been revealed on the official website.

French website DB-Z.com translated all of the info on their Twitter page. You can read all of the official bios for each character posted down below.

  • Super Saiyan 4 Goku: It is a Goku of another dimension. He is an active participant in Time Patrol. He is investigating the Prison planet, but...
  • Vegeta: He is determined to go to the Prison planet to save his son Trunks, who had previously come from the future to save them again. He is wary of a strange individual named "Fu"
  • Goku: He trains every day to surpass himself. He's a pure-hearted Saiyan. He goes to the Prison planet, where Trunks is held captive...
  • Trunks: He came from the future to train with Goku and others on the planet of Beerus, but was taken prisoner by someone on the planet Prison.
  • Fu: A mysterious young man who informs our friends that Trunks is being held prisoner on the planet Prison. Although he pretends to be the friend of Trunks, his personality makes it difficult to identify...
  • Cooler: He teamed up with Trunks in order to flee the planet Prison...
  • The Evil Saiyan: A mysterious warrior trapped by Fu on the planet prison. With its overwhelming power, it devastates everything on the Prison planet by surpassing Goku and others...
  • Mai: She came from the future with Trunks on the planet of Beerus to cook and help while others train, but when she hears that Trunks is a prisoner, she goes to the planet Prison despite the risks.

The first episode of Dragon Ball Heroes will be airing in Japan sometime this July. Stay here at Empty Lighthouse Magazine as we'll try our best to give you the latest news on the anime.

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