Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Lassner Take On The Porsche Experience Center

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Ellen DeGeneres is always looking for a way to scare her producer Andy Lassner and this time she actually went along for the ride. DeGeneres and Lassner visited The Porsche Experience Center where they fulfilled their need for speed.

During today's Ellen Show, DeGeneres rolled the footage of her and Lassner. She joked that she loved Porsches so much she married one.

She was excited to be there and got Lassner to try on some very tight clothes and more Porsche gear as they continued their tour.

The two visited the simulator lab and got to meet their drive coach later on in the day.

DeGeneres got around to choosing a car, and it ended up being the new Porsche Panamera. She and Lassner began speeding around the track, and Lassner looked as if he was going to have a heart attack any minute.

DeGeneres laughed along while Lassner was still clinging to his seat. After Lassner was out, it was DeGeneres' turn to drive one of the speedy machines.

You can check out all of the fun from DeGeneres and Lassner's visit to The Porsche Experience Center in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Lassner Take On The Porsche Experience Center

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