Supergirl Season 6 Premiere Date Revealed

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The CW Network has now announced when the sixth and final season of Supergirl will air. It will be broadcast during the time that Superman & Lois goes on a mini hiatus.

Anyway, the premiere date for Supergirl is March 30th, 2021 and it will overtake the slot that Superman & Lois previously got. The reason Superman & Lois is going on a mini break is because of Covid-19 affecting its production schedule.

The last episode of Superman & Lois will air on March 25th, and it won't be back until May 18th, 2021. By that time, Supergirl will take the break and that show will be back later in the year.

As of right now, Superman & Lois seems to be the CW's most popular superhero show at the moment. The most recent episode got bigger ratings compared to the first Season 7 episode of The Flash.

Supergirl had pretty good ratings in its earlier seasons, but the audience has sadly dropped over the years. Hopefully the show can end on a high note as i still believe Melissa Benoist makes a really great Supergirl.

While Supergirl is ending this year, Superman & Lois is still going to air.

The show was renewed for a second season just mere days after the pilot aired. Both the general audience and critics seem to love what the show has to offer so far.

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