Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Reversal

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Rather than introducing the big bads for season six right out of the gate, Arrow has taken its time this season by setting up some other major plot points, such as Diggle taking over as Green Arrow for Oliver.

We've seen Black Siren so far, but now the next major player has been introduced in the season's fourth episode titled "Reversal."

While Prometheus was the main villain throughout season five of Arrow, the hacker organization Helix played a major role in the middle to latter part of the season as well.

This culminated with Felicity splitting off and going against the team by helping to free the organization's leader Cayden James from ARGUS custody in exchange for help finding Adrian Chase.

Felicity's main contact at Helix, Alena, returns here and begs Felicity for her help, saying that Cayden James is not the man she thought he was and he was planning something catastrophic that would kill millions.

Even with her showing signs of abuse, having Felicity believe her so quickly felt a little farfetched after what happened last season between them.

We had never seen Cayden James last season or yet this season, and he doesn't make his appearance until a bit into the episode.

Firstly though, he uses Black Siren as a henchman to seduce and kill different targets that they require the fingerprints of to get inside a secure location that houses what they say is essentially the internet.

This also felt a bit over the top, as having the entire internet at stake was really weird, but at least there was some good action during this.

Cayden James is eventually revealed as being played by Michael Emerson, which is no big surprise.

Once he was announced as being a villain this season, it was easy to connect the dots, especially after his starring role on Person of Interest.

Emerson is a perfect fit for the role though, as he plays that calm and calculating role so well.

On the Team Arrow side of things, Diggle's leading of the team is going much better, with him hiding that he's on some sort of drug as we saw at the end of the last episode.

His leadership is handled better this episode than the one before, with him not failing to make decisions in the field this time around.

Oliver didn't play as big of a role in this episode, as he was mostly a role player. He did get in on the action a bit as he followed Felicity and Alena earlier in the episode as they tried to get information and ended up making things worse.

By the end of the episode, he ends up lending tech support as Felicity had to go into the field.

It is good to see him play a different part on the team, but I definitely miss him being the center of the action.

During a confrontation in the episode, Alena ends up getting shot and seemingly was not secretly working for Cayden as far as we know. Later on, Felicity asks Alena if she wants to join Curtis and her's startup company, which she decides to name Helix Dynamics to give the Helix name a better representation.

In addition, I really liked that she decided to have their first project be finding a way to mass produce the spinal implant that Curtis used on her in season four.

I always thought it was dumb she got that major implant and they didn't look to try and help others besides her.

The fourth episode of the season of Arrow did a decent job at pushing the story along while introducing us to who may be the season's big bad guy.

There definitely weren't any can't miss moments in this one, but Reversal was still a solid episode nonetheless.

The best part was the very end though when Oliver gets a call from Slade asking for help, leading into the next week's episode.

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