Arrow Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Crisis On Earth-X Part 2

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As Crisis on Earth X was filmed basically like a movie, this next episode picks up directly after the last that started on Supergirl.

Right out of the gate, we get a major reveal and cameo as Prometheus is unmasked.

Rather than being Adrian Chase from Arrow's fifth season, we get the cameo we've been waiting for for a long time, the return of Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn.

Tommy plays to Oliver's emotions here by saying how Oliver is his best friend on Earth X as well. Oliver pleads for him to give them the info they need, but he says that the fuhrer will kill not just him, his family.

When Oliver promises he won't let that happen, Tommy reveals he was just toying with him here. He then reveals a poison capsule in his molar and kills himself here.

While this scene was going on, Harry was explaining to everyone else that there is a 53rd Earth beyond the other 52 where the Nazi's developed the atomic bomb first and won the war, with Hitler not dying until 1994.

Back with Dark Arrow and Overgirl, Earth-X Oliver gets the signal that Prometheus is now dead.

He really was his best friend on this Earth, but they must move on with their own plans. Reverse Flash gets very angry at Dark Arrow and threatens him, before Overgirl calls him down.

Felicity calls Curtis for some help here, but then we get another moment with Oliver and Felicity.

Some people will certainly have issues with these conversations in the crossover between the two about how she doesn't want to get married now.

I didn't have too much of an issue with it though, as she explains to him here she loves him and wants to be with him, but doesn't think they need the wedding to show it.

The Firestorm breakup story continues here, as Stein talks to Jax about splitting up. We get a very emotional scene here though, as Jax reveals that losing the power isn't what is bothering him.

Instead, it's the fact that Stein has become like a father to him and he can't imagine being on the Waverider without him by his side.

I really enjoyed the way they handled this story throughout the crossover, as it put some real heart into the situation.

We also get a nice heart-to-heart between Alex and Kara, as Alex is distraught over the idea she had the one night stand, her first ever, with Sara.

As a result, she's wondering if she made a huge mistake with breaking up with Maggie, with Kara comforting here.

Felicity and Iris then have a scene where it is revealed why Felicity doesn't want to get married now.

Last time they got engaged, she got shot right after and she sees it as the beginning of the end for them and doesn't want it to happen again.

They discover where the Nazi's have gotten to though, which leads to Oliver, Barry, and Kara going after them.

This leads to the absolutely hilarious moment where Barry and Kara superspeed to the area, with Oliver showing up on his motorcycle moments later saying "Just a quick reminder, superspeed, I don't have it." At this point, they come across not only Dark Arrow and Overgirl, but also Reverse Flash.

This moment is full of major reveals too, with Dark Arrow and Overgirl revealing themselves as the Earth-X version of Oliver and Kara.

In addition, we assumed the Reverse Flash was just Eobard Thawne from Earth-X, but instead it's actually the one from Earth-1.

This was a huge shock that I loved, as Thawne is one of my favorite villains in the Arrowverse and it adds the even more personal stake to this crossover.

Seeing the evil versions of Oliver and Kara here up against the regular versions is great, as both Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist play the dual roles very well. We also learn that Dark Arrow and Overgirl are in love, and later we discover married, on Earth-X. At this time, Oliver shoots a Kryptonite arrow at Overgirl, which didn't make much sense. We don't know of Krypton exploding on this Earth, much less have reason for Oliver to even know Kryptonite is Supergirl and thus Overgirl's weakness. To escape, Overkill uses her heat vision on a big structure, which leads to the three heroes having to work together to keep it from falling over, giving us a neat usage of the Arroverse trinity.

We then learn that the device stolen by the Earth-Xers can be used to make a neutron bomb, which would not be good for sure.

In addition, Wells explains how there are 53 versions of everyone including Kara, which makes us wonder what happened to her and Clark on Earth-1.

Did Krypton never explode or did they get stuck in space longer and neither has come forward with their powers yet?

Back with the Earth-X villains, Thawne questions Earth-X Oliver's loyalities, as he thinks he would choose Earth-X Kara over the Fatherland.

She says that she won't allow that to happen, basically saying she'll basically let herself die if it comes to him having to choose her over the Fatherland.

The crossover continues to have some great individual character moments, such as Mick having a crush on Killer Frost and asking how Caitlin changes into her.

Barry and Iris also have a nice moment, along with Oliver, which Felicity overhears at the end.

They track the Earth-Xers back to a warehouse, which leads to an awesome suit up sequence from everybody except Caitlin and Mick. This leads to two separate ongoing sequences essentially for the rest of the episode.

We have the heroes going to the warehouse and getting some very well designed fight sequences here. However, nobody can find Dark Arrow there, as he had other plans.

Back at Star Labs, where Iris, Felicity, Wells, Caitlin, and Mick are, we discover Dark Arrow has gone there instead. He takes down Mick pretty easily, which leads to Killer Frost to coming in and helping.

While it seems like she has the upper hand, Dark Arrow takes her down, just in time for the Arrow Team to come in, including Black Canary, Mr.

Terrific, and Wild Dog. However, they also get taken down pretty easily by the Dark Arrow.

Back at the warehouse, the good guys gets overwhelmed when we get the surprise appearance of Metallo here.

Each of the heroes gets captured here, when it is revealed that Overgirl is dying. Due to getting too much solar radiation, they need a new heart for her, which Kara can deliver.

Back at Star Labs, only Iris and Felicity have not been captured, as everyone else, including the unconscious Cisco, has been trapped in the metahuman containment cells in the pipeline.

Then the final scene cuts to a prison camp where the likes of Oliver, Barry, Sara, and more have been taken, which we learn is on Earth-X.

Like we said before, Crisis of Earth-X seemed to have be filmed like a movie, so this was basically like another fourth of that following the Supergirl episode.

With the original airing, this worked perfectly as it aired directly after the first episode and give us more insight into why Dark Arrow, Overgirl, and Reverse Flash are doing what they are doing.

This crossover has been absolutely fantastic through two parts and we still have the entire other half remaining.

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