Hasbro Talks About Putting Realism Into Its New Star Wars The Black Series Toy Line

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Hasbro has been making The Black Series Star Wars toy line for many years now, although some figurines did not look as realistic as they could be.

That has all now changed because Hasbro is now releasing a new toy line featuring more photorealistic looking face sculpts than ever used before.

StarWars.com had a chance to interview Steve Evans who is the design director for the Star Wars toys at Hasbro. The new feature that the company is introducing this year is the "Photo Real technique". 

Evans said some previous toys did not meet up to standards mainly because a certain paint app was applied on the wrong place, or some other little things did not look right.

Hasbro wanted to make the faces much better so collectors will be happier.

Hasbro used the new Photo Real technique in order to get the likenesses of the actors and actresses in Star Wars in a more accurate way.

The first toys to be released in this line include Rey, DJ, Rex and Grand Moff Tarkin.

The cool thing is that all of the new toys will still be set at the same $19.99 price point so collectors do not have to pay extra money for the more realistic looking hard sculpts.

These new toys are the best you can get with an affordable budget since Hot Toys are usually priced for richer collectors.

You can see some of the other toys in the photos posted below. These new toys are expected to his store shelves sometime in late February or early March so get collecting if you want to own them all!

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