'Timeless' Recap: 'The Alamo,' Season 1, Episode 5

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The trio in NBC's "Timeless" are about to be tested in every way possible. They are taking a trip to the Texas Revolution in "The Alamo," the fifth episode of the first season.

Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt get trapped in the most pivotal moments in the Texas Revolution.

They are faced with odds that may be too great for them to overcome. With little to no hope of rescue, it'll teach them about trust, sacrifice, and each other.

Rufus goes to Mason about the attack. He believes that Mason was the one who sent the guy that threatened him. Wyatt gets called into a meeting with his higher ups. He's being replaced because he has yet to kill Flynn.

Before they can call in the new guy, the alert comes in that Flynn has traveled back to a couple of days before the Alamo. Lucy's mom wants to know what's going on with her life.

As they're buckling up to leave, Wyatt announces that he's been fired. Flynn has come to help the Mexicans crush the Texan rebellion.

Wyatt is determined to find Flynn. Rufus and Lucy are a little star stuck about some of the people in their company. While checking out a church, Wyatt flashes back to a moment during his own time as a soldier.

Flynn goers to visit Colonel Travis but the Colonel has already heard about Flynn from Wyatt. Flynn kills the Colonel before he can finish writing the letter. Wyatt spots an army on the horizon. They've arrived four days early.

Wyatt takes charge ordering Rufus to find a way out of the Alamo and Lucy to finish Travis's letter. Wyatt goes to Colonel Bowie to ask for command over a few of his men. Bowie doesn't believe him that help isn't going to show up in time.

Flynn is displeased by the fact that the Lopez won't allow the women and children out before they start the attack.

While speaking to Crockett, Rufus realizes they can get the women and children out through an aqueduct. Lucy is having a hard time writing the letter.

Rufus is trying to manually break through the three layers of stone to the aqueducts. Crockett comes clean about the few of the tall tales about him in order to show Rufus that he gets scared as well. Bowie comes to Wyatt to ask what to do in order to buy the time Rufus needs.

Wyatt shares the war story that's been haunting him to Bowie. Lucy was listening to the whole thing. It inspires her to finishes Travis's letter. Rufus uses the grenades to blast through the stone.

The battle is underway. Wyatt's bottlenecking plan is working well enough. Rufus leads the women and children to the aqueducts while Lucy goes out to get Wyatt. However, he can't bear to leave men behind again.

Plus he has nothing to go home to anymore. Lucy tells him that their team needs him.

It's proven when he's the only person who can convince John Smith to deliver Travis' message and fulfill his duty to history. Wyatt wastes time saying his goodbyes to Colonel Bowie.

Back in the present, the trio learns that they were successful. Lucy and Rufus refuse to continue if they fire Wyatt.

With Rufus being their only pilot, they have to keep Wyatt on the team. Back home, Lucy learns who her real is and why he's not in their life. She does give her his name though.

"The Alamo" was a high stakes episode of "Timeless." The team really had to learn to trust one another and came out of this episode with a new dynamic.

Watch the trio travel through time Monday's at 10pm and check out clips for next weeks episode here.

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