David Spade Opens Up About His Accident and More On The Ellen Show

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Legendary comedian David Spade visited The Ellen Show and recounted what happened during a rough accident. Of course, it would be a recount by Spade if there weren't plenty of jokes peppered into the interview.

DeGeneres welcomed her friend to the show and asked him about the accident and how it all went down. Spade thanked DeGeneres for also calling him as a joke before saying that he left his house and drove down sunset.

He is going down towards a light and Spade said the intersection was a little sketchy and the light was turning red.

He went through the light and saw someone was flooring it towards him and despite him trying to miss, the person turned into the vehicle.

Spade said he spun a couple of times and hit a couple of other vehicles. The actor/comedian said he heard people screaming and was checking to make sure everything was good with him when his car tells him he had been in an accident.

He said he was frozen and joked fireman thought he was doing the mannequin challenge. He continued to joke about the situation over and over again with punch line after punch line.

You can hear Spade's hilarious recount of his accident and game of 5 Second Rule in The Ellen Show videos below.

David Spade Opens Up About His Accident and More On The Ellen Show