Heidi Ho Veganics Brings Its 'Cheese' to 'Shark Tank'

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Heidi Ho Veganics brought its vegan, non-dairy cheese to the hundredth episode of 'Shark Tank' Friday.

Chef Heidi K. Lovig, who pitched The Sharks, honed her vegan chef skills during her time living on the Big Island of Hawaii in a sustainable community where she managed an eco hostel and farm.

The company pitches itself as "the future of cheese" and wrote about its mission on its website.

We are a mission-driven company which aims to be the cheese that creates the change. Our success in implementing our values is a measurement of customer engagement, employee evangelism, supplier connectivity, and return on investments. We embrace economic freedom, voluntary exchange, combined with social and environmental consciousness. This is our commitment, giving all of us the ability to engage in positive activity based upon creativity, optimism, and personal initiative. Our steadfast convictions are at the forefront of action in honor of the health of our stakeholders and the health of this planet. We believe our choices have an impact. We believe yours do too.

She asked the Sharks for $1250,000 for 20% of her company.

"What if I told you you could eat all the cheese you want with none of the problems," she asked the Sharks.

Heidi Ho offers a line of plant-based cheeses. The cheese is made from organic nuts, seeds, vegetables, and herbs and spices.

"You make a cheese without dairy?" asked Robert Herjavec.

'I do," Lovig said before sharing samples with the Sharks who all seemed to love it.

"That does not emulate cheese for me," said Kevin O'Leary.

"This is my first time growing a business," said Lovig.

"Do you think that only vegan or plant-based people will eat this," said Robert Herjavec.

Lovig said no.

Lori Grenier made an immediate offer of 30% for $125,000.

Lovig hesitated and asked to hear other offers. The others all dropped out and Lovig accepted the deal.

Visit the Heidi Ho website http://www.heidiho.com/.