The New Wonder Woman Trailer Is Looking Awesome

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The DC cinematic universe is off to a rough start. Its first three movies have earned a lot of money at the Box Office, but critical and fan reception remains divided.

The new Wonder Woman movie could buck that trend when it's out later this year. The latest trailer is looking awesome.

Many people know the origin stories of Superman, Batman or even Marvel's Spider-Man.

These stories have been retold again and again across multiple different media. Wonder Woman's origin is not common knowledge like the rest and we will get to see her past life in the new movie.

In this new trailer, we see Diana Prince as a little girl living in the Themyscira which is the land of the Amazonian people.

Much like Batman had to do when he grew up in Gotham, Diana has to train in order to earn her fighting skills.

Visually, Wonder Woman is looking like the most colorful DC film to date.

The land of Themyscira looks beautiful and will look even better on the big screen. However, the film will get a darker turn once Wonder Woman has to leave and fight some soldiers during World War 1.

Thankfully, this new trailer does not show any major spoilers of any kind. It's safe to watch so don't worry about viewing it.

This is important since a lot of other movies have spoiled several things in the past.

The Doomsday trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed a ton of footage. Warner Bros' marketing team may have learnt not spoil too many things in its trailers after that debacle.

Anyway, Wonder Woman releases on June 2nd, 2017 in North America. Its the first DC movie out this year with the Justice League movie out later in November 2017.

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