Ellen DeGeneres Meets 7-Year-Old Recycler Ryan

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If you have a wine bottle that needs recycling, you might want to call 7-year-old Ryan. Ryan is changing the world with his very own, can and bottling recycle business and is cashing in.

The little recycler recently visited The Ellen Show to chat about his business and how he is making a difference in the world.

DeGeneres welcomed Ryan to the show. Ryan was decked out in his own t-shirt and explained that he enjoyed recycling because it helped the planet and kept bottles and cans out of the ocean, which prevents animals from getting sick or dying.

DeGeneres said that she is glad that Ryan understands what can happen if you leave you cans lying around.

Little Ryan told DeGeneres that he and his parents go to the "sea lion rescue place" and drop off money to help rescue them.

He was just 3 and a half when he started recycling. He started Ryan's Recycling Company from that day and never stopped.

His mother, father and grandmother are his business partners and Ryan plans on bringing on his friend Wyatt. Ryan old DeGeneres that they recycle, cans, bottles and wine bottles because his mom drinks a lot of wine.

Since his business started, Ryan has recycled 200,000 bottles and raised $10,000. He wants to buy a garbage truck with his earnings.

DeGeneres promised to save all of the bottles in the green room for him. You can check out Ryan's adorable meeting with Ellen DeGeneres in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Meets 7-Year-Old Recycler Ryan