'90 Day Fiance' Episode 9 Recap: Matt Cries About a Lap Dance and Anfisa Smacks Jorge

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Tonight on 90 Day Fiance: Season 4 we continue to hurtle toward the inevitable end (either marriage or the demise) of these ill-fated couples. So what happened? Read on to find out.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole and Azan

It's Nicole's last night in Morocco and she and Azan sit down to discuss their relationship. Azan shares that he needs Nicole to be more respectful and more "Moroccan." But Nicole notes that she's not Moroccan and can't be something she's not. She notes that she thought that Azan loved her because she's American.

Nicole asks Azan to tell her why he love her.

He's able to do this and says that he loves her because she's the first person who's really cared about him. Nicole reflects that she felt their conversation went well and she feels comforted about her relationship with Azan.

Finally, it's Nicole's last day in Morocco and she has to leave. Nicole is hopeful that if she were to stay one more week in Morocco, Azan's behavior toward her would change further in a positive way. Azan confesses to Nicole that he wishes he'd treated her the way that she deserved when she'd first arrived.

Nicole says good-bye to Azan and become very tearful at their parting. She winds up feeling upset that Azan doesn't seem sad when she has to leave. Finally, Nicole leaves.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge and Anfisa

Curiously, Jorge and Anfisa's narrative is disrupted when we find out that the producers are trying to film the two of them but both are missing. When they finally get through to them, they find out from Anfisa that Jorge is on a flight. The producers then find Anfisa and film her. She says that she and Jorge had a huge fight and she kicked him out.

She notes that she's had a lot of anger building inside of her. Anfisa then contacts Jorge to talk to him.

He says that he had to stay the night in a garage because he didn't have anywhere else to go.

Anfisa tells Jorge that she's thinking of going back to Russia and packed all of her things. She tells Jorge that if he comes back to the apartment, she's going to throw all of his things out.

Anfisa knows that Jorge spent the night in the car. Still, when Jorge comes back and tries to apologize, Anfisa is upset that Jorge didn't try to bring flowers to make it up to her. Jorge notes Anfisa's anger is like a wall.

Anfisa notes that Jorge and the life that he could offer her has fallen below her expectations.

She feels that she's the one who's had to make all of the sacrifices. So Anfisa continues to threaten that she's going back to Russia.

90 Day Fiance: Narkiya and Lowo

Narkiya rehashes all of the lies that Lowo told her. Narkiya notes it took her a long time time to be able to trust Lowo again and now, Lowo has announced that there's been a delay in his getting his visa.

Narkiya decides that she's going to answer all of her questions by going to Lowo herself. So she buys herself a ticket and heads off for a trip.

Next, we meet Lowo who gives his narrative. He says that he actually is a Nigerian prince. He notes that he's been studying in Vietnam.

He notes that when he first started talking to Narkiya, he was trying to date several women in order to get a green card to come to the US. He says that when Narkiya found out about his polygamist family, his son and the mother of his son, she flipped.

But he says that he was able to win her back. Lowo is hoping that when Narkiya comes he can romance her again.

Lowo make a real effort to make Narkiya feel welcome when she arrives in Vietnam. He decorates her hotel room in a personalized and romantic way. He's hoping that he can make Narkiya forget about all of the lies.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel notes that she and Pedro will be meeting Chantel's parents for a meal. Chantel's parents are very worried about the marriage. They feel betrayed. Pedro apologizes to Chantel's parents. Chantel's parents ask Chantel if she's thought about having a prenuptial agreement.

Pedro answers no. Chantel notes that her parents bringing up the prenup reflects that they don't trust her or Pedro.

Pedro says that her parents don't trust him because of Chantel.

Shockingly, Chantel's parents tell Chantel and Pedro that any man would be better than Pedro. Chantel says that after the meeting she realizes her parents just don't want her to get married.

90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

Matt's friends have been busy planning a bachelor party for him. It's actually bachelor party number 4 for Matt. His friends rent out a bus and take him drinking.

Alla notes that she trusts Matt.

There's a moment of drama when Matt's friends force him to have a lap dance from a stripper. Matt is also upset about his friends giving him a hard time about getting married for the 4th time.

To see more from this episode of 90 day Fiance, including Anfisa getting angry at Jorge, check out the clip below:

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