DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Return of the Mack

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow has really been on fire for most of this season, with episode four being one of my favorites of the entire series.

Following up on the 1980s, the team instead heads back to Victorian London where they run into an old friend in "Return of the Mack."

This episode starts off with the Legends trying to analyze the various anachronisms, with Nate pointing out that a few appeared to be outliers, with one being Kuasa appearing in 2042 to try and kill Zari and the other being reports of a vampire in Victorian London.

In London, a man is found that appears to been drained of his blood, where Rip Hunter appears to investigate. The Legends end up meeting up with Rip and agree to work with him. Rip explains to them about Mallus, the myserious dark force alluded to earlier this season, who he believes is responsible for these outliers.

They go to see the body of the man who supposedly was killed by a vampire, but then they all of a sudden hear a ringtone. They discover the coroner guy has a smart watch that he said he got off of someone, which brings in the idea of a time traveling vampire. This was pretty funny to see them come to terms with the idea of that, and the watch does a good job at planting seeds for what is to come later in the episode.

The Legends end up coming across some sort of cult, which actually includes an ancestor of Stein that looks just like him, as well as having a very mysterious woman named Eleanor that can summon spirits.

She ends up supposedly summoning Zari's brother that died in the future, which was kind of strange, so we didn't know if she was making it up or possibly tied to the future.

As all of this is going on, part of the team actually discovers what the "vampire" actually is. Rather than an actual vampire, it's some doctor using a tool that drains people of their blood with two needles like a vampire bite. In the process, they find a body of someone that this cult is trying to resurrect, which turns out to be Damian Darhk himself.

Once they come up with a plan, Rip leaves the Waverider and traps the rest of the team on board, sans Zari who had left to try and talk to Eleanor again to speak to her brother.

His goal was to let Darhk be resurrected it appeared so Mallus would be summoned, who speaks to him through Eleanor.

However, he changes his mind and tries to prevent Darhk from being resurrected while bringing in the Time Bureau, who he was not working with on this case.

They totally fail at preventing Darhk's resurrection, leading to an absolutely hilarious fight sequence.

The Time Bureau people are basically slaughtered, leading to Rip getting reprimanded by the Bureau, really showing how little power he has in the organization itself that he started.

This resurrected Damian Darhk is one that has experienced everything in the past. He is the one that died at the end of Arrow's fourth season, while also experiencing all of Legends season two without getting his memory wiped somehow.

He also has full control of his powers, looking more powerful than ever. This is all played with the song "Return of the Mack" playing in the background, which makes it even better.

The episode also had a side story with Ray and Jax trying to figure out a way to split up Firestorm.

Stein finds out and seems mad at first, but then agrees to it and tries to help as well. Not much happens here, but it definitely will be leading somewhere soon.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow has kept things rolling with yet another great episode.

"Return of the Mack" uses a very fun mystery with the "time traveling vampire" idea that ends with the bringing back of the always entertaining Damian Darhk.

It will be interesting to see how he plays off other characters this season, as he was great in the Legion of Doom, with plenty more of him bound to be coming in the future.

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