Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun At President Donald Trump With Children's Books

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The Ellen Show was filled with laughter as host Ellen DeGeneres poked fun at President Donald Trump with a couple of hilarious children's book titles.

The fun was initiated as she revealed that Chelsea Clinton just released a new book titled, "She Persisted," based on inspirational women who didn't take no for an answer.

DeGeneres told her audience and viewers that President Trump was not to be outdone and brought us some interesting titles.

The first title was, "The Cat In The Make America Great Again Hat," "Oh, The Places You Won't Go (Because of The Travel Ban," "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Who Lost His Meals On Wheels Program," "The Lion, The Witch and The Microwave That Might Be A Spy" and "Pat The President."

DeGeneres' jokes were directly patterned around some of the recent and early developments in the presidency thus far.

There has been plenty of backlash due to some of the important programs, proposed by the Trump administration to be cut. You can check out the hilarious book titles in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun At President Donald Trump With Children's Books

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