Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9 Review/Recap: Let It Reign

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Season 3 of Supergirl has been a slow build, but thankfully episode 9 kicks things into full gear. The second half of the season is looking like it could be epic judging by the events that happened this week.

Let's first talk about the side story this week. We get to see Lena Luthor and Jimmy Olsen finally get together. The two had been flirting with one another for weeks, but finally the two are to become an item.

Their bond became stronger as another assassination attempt was made to Lena Luthor. Thankfully Jimmy Olsen was there to save her. The pair believe notorious businessman Morgan Edge is responsible.

As for Kara, she is salty this week as she still cannot get over the fact that Mon El is married to another woman.

In my opinion, Kara should let it go as there are lots of other fish in the sea.

Due to her sadness, she concentrates most of her efforts on being Supergirl. The main storyline is her trying to find out what an old Kryptonian symbol means after she spots it being littered throughout the city.

This week's episode is the best one of the season yet and this is thanks to Samantha's heel (evil) turn as Reign.

Reign is a badass character that reminds me a lot about Christian Bale's version of Batman mixed with General Zod.

The symbol belongs to Reign and she is a world killer. Unlike Supergirl, Reign does justice in her own fashion even if it means killing people.

Our first introduction to Reign is in a scene not too dissimilar to our first introduction to Batman in Batman Begins.

Reign pretty much kills a lot of street gang members near the docks in one of the coolest action scenes I have seen on TV recently.

It's worth mentioning Samantha can still be her normal self, so her identity is still concealed somewhat. When Lena Luthor mentions Morgan Edge wants her dead, Samantha decides to pay him a little visit...

Luckily for Morgan Edge, he manages to escape death by hiding in a secret room. He knows he's being targeted by a Kryptonian, but he doesn't blame Supergirl yet.

Knowing she could be accused for killing the street gang and attempting to assassinate Morgan Edge, Supergirl decides to challenge Reign into a classic fight.

Supergirl encourages Reign to come out of hiding by showing her S signal on top of the CatCo building. Reign takes the bait and tells Supergirl she brings justice down upon those that deserve it.

Supergirl disagrees with Reigns' method of killing so Reign claims Supergirl stands in her way. The two Kryptonians then have an epic fight as awesome as the Supergirl vs Superman fight that occurred in Season 2.

Reigns and Supergirl fight across the city much like Superman and Zod did in Man of Steel/Superman 2. That said, they don't so as much collateral damage as the former...

The two punch each other lots of times as they fly around the city.

However, Reign seems to have the upper hand as Supergirl starts bleeding. This is the most damage I have seen Supergirl take ever since the series started in 2015.

Reign then drops Supergirl from a tall building and she lays unconscious in the ground. It's a scene similar to how Superman died at the hands of Doomsday in the comic books.

Supergirl is still alive, although she is taken to the D.E.O. to get immediate medical attention. One has to wonder how Supergirl is able to defeat Reign as Reign beat her up without breaking a sweat.

The episode ends on the show's Christmas Day as Ruby wants to talk to her mom Samantha. Samantha it seems has fully turned into Reign and then the credits roll.

Overall, this episode is by far my favorite of Season 3. Reign is such a cool looking baddie and the action scenes were awesome like a Hollywood movie.

The episode also lacked the boring drama that were featured in previous episodes.

The only minor flaw to this episode is the fact that it didn't feature any references to last week's Crisis On Earth X. Kara nearly died last week too, but they didn't mention anything about the crossover.

Anyway, I'm glad Season 3 is starting to get good in Supergirl. Reign could be my favorite villain in The CW right now as her performance in this episode impressed me a lot.

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