Dragon Ball Super Might Be Ending Its Current Run Later This Year

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Dragon Ball Super has not been officially canceled yet, although it sounds like the show will be on an extended hiatus.

The current Tournament of Power saga is ending later this year with another TV show taking Dragon Ball Super's time slot in Japan.

As reported by Herms98 on Twitter, a Japanese newspaper reports that a new Kitaro series is overtaking the Dragon Ball Super time slot on Fuji TV. Dragon Ball Super will end in March with the Kitaro series taking over starting from April 1st, 2018.

It's worth mentioning the newspaper says that the series is not over, so it could come back after a long break.

However, Fuji TV is still in discussions about the future of the series so fingers crossed new episodes will eventually come out.

Dragon Ball Super animator, Animator Tsutomu Ono also posted on his Twitter account that the series is going to end its broadcast soon. You can read his translated comment down below.

"So the news that Dragon Ball Super will be ending its broadcast in spring (March?) has already gone public. I just found out yesterday that episode 126 would be my last time as animation director."

To be fair, Dragon Ball Super has been airing non-stop since July 2015. It will fall short of being on air for close to around three years.

Cartoons are hard to develop quickly so it's nice that the animators will now get a break from the show. Hopefully the series is only taking a break and won't be fully canceled.

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Update: Toei Animation has released its own statement now on the future of the Dragon Ball franchise. Message was posted on Twitter, with translations provided by Ken Xyro.

Thank you for your support! TV Anime 'DBS' will reach its climax with the Universe Survival Arc at the end of March. Thank you for your continued support until the end! Movie will be released in December this year! There's more to come for DB series so please look forward!

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