Fox Pushing For Logan To Be Nominated For Academy Awards

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Historically, comic book movies are usually snubbed at the Academy Awards when it comes to the major categories. Well, 20th Century Fox is pushing hard for Hugh Jackman's 'Logan' to hopefully get some recognition from Academy voters.

As reported by Deadline, 20th Century Fox has mailed out DVDs of Logan to Academy Award voters today.

It has a cover that says "for your consideration". It's being noted that this is the first time 20th Century Fox is pushing for an X-Men movie for Awards season.

There is a chance the movie could get nominated for several categories. This includes Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively.

The movie could also become the first comic book film to be nominated for the Best Picture category.

The Dark Knight missed out since back in 2008, only five films were nominated, Due to the snub of The Dark Knight, they can now nominate up to 10 films for Best Picture each year.

Logan is not your typical comic book/super hero movie so it could get recognized in the aforementioned categories.

Not to mention the movie has a healthy 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and remains to be one of the best reviewed movies of 2017.

This is not the only blockbuster that 20th Century Fox is pushing as the studio is hoping to get some recognition for War for the Planet of the Apes too.

Hopefully more diverse films are considered to be Oscar worthy in the future. Historically, mainly dramas and movies based on true stories get all of the glory. It's about time something different wins for a change...

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