Macey Hensley and The Ellen Show Celebrate Presidents' Day

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There is no one else Ellen DeGeneres would rather have on her show for Presidents' Day than the presidential expert Macey Hensley. Trust us, you won't want to miss the information she learned about President Donald Trump.

Little Macey is now 7-years-old but is still very sharp when it comes to knowing her presidents.

When DeGeneres asked her if she knew any facts about President Trump, Macey said that he was the oldest president and the first president without military or political experience.

She also revealed that President Trump is the first to appear on the cover of Playboy Magazine and the first to have appeared in a Pizza Hut commercial.

DeGeneres asked Macey if there were any other presidents who weren't liked. Macey said Warren Harding wasn't liked because he sent love letters to another lady while he was married.

Although Macey was sick on her birthday, she still enjoyed it and loved her Presidential Barbies.

Macey was wearing a fit device on her hand and told DeGeneres that she has a goal of getting 60 minutes of exercise just like Michelle Obama pushed with her Let's Move Campaign.

Macey said she walks around and did a little cheating by shaking her hand to get the steps in. Little Macey wanted a Barbie White House but the company doesn't make it.

So, Ellen DeGeneres and her team decided to create one for her. You can watch Macey's interview and game of Know or Go on The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Macey Hensley and The Ellen Show Celebrate Presidents' Day