Toys 'R' Us Gives An Interesting Reason Why The Toy Industry Isn't Booming

Aside from technology becoming more popular in recent years, troubled retailer Toys 'R' Us has given another interesting reason why people aren't buying as many toys as they used to. The toy retailer feels that there's not many kids around compared to the 'Baby Boom' era. 

Toys ‘R’ Us Could Be Closing All Of Its US Stores Putting 33,000 Jobs At Risk

Toys ‘R’ Us Inc may have to sell or close all of its stores in the US putting 33,000 jobs at risk. Not only will this affect Toys ‘R’ Us employees, but it will further impact large toy manufacturers as well. 

Will Movie Merchandise Suffer When Toys 'R' Us Closes Down?

Big retailer Toys 'R' Us could be closing down for good very soon and this will be devastating for the toy industry. Not only will toy manufacturers suffer from it, but merchandise sales from big movies will feel the brunt of this as well. 

Who are the Nocoiners Now that Bitcoin is Back to $11K valuation?

As bitcoin's valuation leaped back up the $11K valuation it was it back in January, more and more investors are jumping onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon. But an interesting question from all of this, is who are the current noncoiners? And what is a nocoiner anyway? 

As The Super Bowl Nears, Check Out How Rich These Pats, Eagles Are

This Sunday, we will all be watching the 52nd Super Bowl, with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The game promises to be an extremely interesting one...but one thing that few people know is how rich the players (and teams) participating in the Super Bowl are.

SEC and SiriusXM Team Up For New Sports Channel

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) and SiriusXM will launch SiriusXM SEC Radio, an exclusive 24/7 audio channel dedicated to SEC sports that will deliver fans and alumni across the country in-depth and comprehensive access to SEC-focused sports talk and news, plus an extensive schedule of SEC games.

Target Black Friday Ad Sale Leaks: Check Out The Hottest Deals

Black Friday is coming soon, and stores are starting to leak their list of deals. So far, we have not seen any major stores -- only more niche shops like Harbor Freight. But now, Target's list has become available.

Target has some excellent let's list them:

Target Black Friday Doorbusters

Here is the list of the best Black Friday doorbusters from the leaked ad:

Mychael Knight Net Worth, Age, Height and More

Sadly, Mychael Knight died today after checking into the hospital. According to reports, Mychael Knight had some sort of complication with intestinal issues and had recently been diagnosed with IBS. Knight was known for being a fan favorite on Project Runway and came in fourth place on the competition.

How Much Does The MV-22B Osprey Cost?

Today, the news is reporting that a US military MV-22B Osprey has had a "mishap" near the cost of Australia. The "mishap" appears to have destroyed the aircraft, and multiple members of the crew are still missing, although most have been rescued safely.

Hopefully, all crew members will be rescued soon.

Most Expensive Sneakers Ever? $100,000 Airline Shoes

You heard that right. An airline is now in the shoe business, and their shoes aren't cheap.

Most Expensive Sneakers Ever?

This week, Virgin America broke records for selling a one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers for nearly $100,000. The shoes, called "Virgin America First Class Shoes" were listed on eBay originally for $200, but quickly rose in price.