'90 Day Fiance' Pedro and Chantel: What Happened After The Cameras Were Gone?

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Although most people will associate the drama of 90 Day Fiance Season 4, with Anfisa and Jorge, there's no question Chantel and Pedro had quite the tumultuous relationship. As an example, Chantel didn't tell her parents about her relationship with Pedro or the fact that she planned to marry him.

Then, Chantel's parents wanted her to get a pre-nup, further complicating her relationship with Pedro. And for some reason, while she and Pedro were off on a weekend getaway, Chantel decided to dance with other men in a club.

So what have Chantel and Pedro been up to since then and what can we expect from them in this season?

The question of whether Pedro has been using Chantel for a green card is clearly one that haunts this couple since the previews for "90 Day Fiance" showcase Pedro fighting with Chantel about the matter.

While Chantel and Pedro's social media accounts show them looking like they had their happily ever after, it's clear that Pedro still has to be getting settled with his life in America, leaving Chantel to support both of them.

One interesting theory popping up on Twitter is that Chantel's relationship with Pedro is actually fake. since Chantel wants to get into acting and Pedro is going along with the whole charade. Time will tell on this theory.

Another issue in Chantel and Pedro's relationship is Chantel's family support of the couple.

In the last season, we saw that Chantel's family simply did not trust Pedro, an issue that was really actually seeded by Chantel hiding the relationship.

But it appears that after the cameras stopped rolling and what we might see more of in the upcoming season, is more of Chantel's parents' distrust of Pedro.

Pedro's mother had already had the sense that Chantel's family looked down on Pedro, which angered her.

According to sources, Chantel and Pedro will be planning a second wedding in the Dominican Republic, intended to bring their two families closer together.

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