The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 Review/Recap: Barry Goes To The Future

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The Flash Season 3 episode 19 featured Barry Allen traveling to the year 2024.

His goal is to find out the identity of Savitar and find a way to prevent Iris West from dying. Does his trip to the future give him any solutions on beating Savitar?

Before that happens, we see Killer Frost escaping Star Labs.

It seems as if Caitlin Snow is no more as Killer Frost has overtaken her entirely. She escapes and we don't see her present day self until the end of the episode.

When Barry arrives in the year 2024, he runs into some old enemies.

Mirror Master and his girlfriend Top have run amok as it appears the Future Flash has gone AWOL. Barry manages to run away from them and goes back to Star Labs.

Sadly, Star Labs has been abandoned as the future Barry decided to give up entirely. After Iris West died, he shut down Star Labs and the whole team is no more.

The 2017 Barry Allen meets Cisco, but Cisco can no longer vibe. Cisco loses his hands during a battle with Killer Frost.

Cisco from 2024 shows Barry to see his future self. The future Barry is an emo with long hair and is super depressed.

We find out that Iris dies, although he manages to trap Savitar in the speed force. The bad news is that he still doesn't know the identity of Savitar.

The present day Barry wants to go back to 2017, but something is preventing him from going home. We find out that Cisco is preventing him from going back.

The future Cisco wants the present day Barry to get the band back together. This is easier said than done because everyone is separated.

The future Wally West has the worst outcome. Savitar breaks his spine and now he is paralyzed.

Not to mention he is traumatized. Savitar pretty much made Wally West have to retire his moniker as Kid Flash. Joe West is pretty depressed too as the future Barry abandoned him.

Julian is working at a prison where the future Killer Frost is being kept. The present day Barry finds out that Killer Frost knows the identity of Savitar, but she doesn't tell him.

H.R. is the only character doing good in 2024 since he's now a successful author.

Anyway, the present day Barry rallies up Joe, Julian and HR to bring the team back together. They still need to take down Mirror Master and Top.

The future Barry also helps out and they manage to take down the villainous duo together. The future Barry looks cool in a new suit.

With the future Cisco happy, the present day Barry can go back to the year 2017. Before he goes, the future Barry gives him info on a scientist that can help him trap Savitar.

Sadly though, this scientist can only help Barry trap Savitar after Iris has died. Still, this info will help him when he returns.

The present day Barry goes back to 2017 and tells them about the info. Sadly though, he still doesn't know the identity of Savitar.

The episode ends with Savitar confronting Killer Frost in the woods. Savitar reveals his face to her, but not to the audience. Whoever he is, it's someone that Killer Frost obeys immediately.

Anyhow, I thought this week's episode was really strong. It was quite disheartening to see how somber the future becomes with Iris no longer being alive.

Not to mention it's freaky to see how Wally West is pretty much paralyzed. He can no longer use his powers anymore.

The only annoying thing about this week's episode is that we have to wait another seven days in order to find out the identity of Savitar.

This is more frustrating since we already had to wait a month since the series was on a break. It would have been more satisfying if they showed the identity of Savitar at the end of this week's episode instead.

The end of Season 3 is near and I'm kind of scared to see what happens. It appears as if Iris West will die no matter what the team does.

Not to mention it will be disappointing to see Caitlyn Snow leaving the team. It appears as if she is getting replaced with the new scientist they will be introduced soon...

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