Black Panther Director Explains The Movie's Mid-credits And Post-credits Scenes (Spoilers)

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Black Panther director, Ryan Coogler, has now spoken out about the mid-credits and post-credits scenes he included in the movie. He gives us an interesting explanation as to why he added the scenes into the movie. 

Bear in mind, major spoilers are revealed in this article so click away if you have not seen the movie yet. If you don't care or have watched Black Panther already you can read on. 

Anyway, Ryan Coogler gave his explanations for the extra scenes in an exclusive interview he did with Entertainment Weekly. Some of his comments have been highlighted below in italics. 

Mid-credits: The first scene people will watch is the mid-credits scene. To give you some background detail, T'Challa/Black Panther lives in a fictional utopia called Wakanda which is an African nation that has a lot of fancy technology. 

At the start of the film, Wakanda does not share its riches with the rest of the world. They do not even help out third world countries that are in serious need of aid of any kind. 

The rest of the world still thinks Wakanda itself is a third world country, but T'Challa holds a press conference to tell the world the truth. Wakanda will finally share its riches to the world. 

Coogler confirmed that T'Challa is a politician. He said "When people say, 'This film is a political movie,' well, yeah.

Black Panther is a politician. It's the first MCU film about a politician, so it should be the most political one".

This is further confirmed when T'Challa says in the movie The foolish build barriers, while the wise build bridges. This further shows T'Challa does not want to be like this ancestors and wants to help others that are in need. 

Post-credits: The post-credits scene is more straightforward because we see Bucky Barnes recovering somewhere in Wakanda. Coogler said he mainly added this scene in for fans of the wider MCU franchise as seen in the comments below. 

Our film wasn't about Bucky, obviously, [so] we didn't feel like it would be right to deal with him in this context. But we thought it'd be cool for the fans that stayed 'til the end to check in on this character that they love.

Captain America and Black Widow do not appear in Black Widow, so we might only see their returns later this year in Avengers: Infinity War. Every character in the MCU is needed in order to fight Thanos. 

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