Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 9 Review and Recap: XCX The Finale Is Near (Watch)

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Tonight, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim will air episode 9 of season 5 of the hit Samurai Jack.

This season appears to be 10 episodes long, so we are very quickly nearing the end. What will happen in this episode? How is the season going to a close?

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

Tonight's episode of Samurai Jack begins with the scene of Jack kissing Ashi. They pull apart from each other and immediately start apologizing. They then go their separate ways.

Jack leaves the space ship looking for clothes, while Ashi finds something to wear inside the ship.

Ashi exits the ship only to catch a glimpse of Samurai Jack bathing naked in a waterfall. Jack gets slightly embarrassed and then puts on his clothes.

Jack has a vision of his old self telling him to be careful -- this (falling in love) has never happened before. And he doesn't know what to do.

As Ashi and Jack sit down to eat at the fire, they have a few awkward moments. Neither seems to know what to say -- they just look at each other for a while. Eventually, Ashi asks Jack if he ever thinks about home.

He says he does, and then enters into a a flashback.

He tells Ashi about how his father was the emperor and he lived in a beautiful village. He used to look out from the castle tower and admire the beauty.

Ashi asks if he had a girlfriend. He explains that he was only 8 when Aku came and destroyed his world. The next morning, the sun rises, and Ashi awakens to find Jack gone.

Separately, we find Scaramouche looking for Aku. He thinks he's he's found him, but it's just a statue. The status has an automated message saying Aku can't take any meetings.

Scaramouche manages to make it into Aku's lair, and he tells Aku that he has good news.

Aku agrees to listen to Scaramouche, who tells Aku that Samurai Jack has lost his sword (this is actually not true -- Jack got his sword back during a quest in a previous episode).

Aku screams with joy, and he returns Scaramouche's body to him.

In the next scene, we see Jack in the desert -- in a place he recognizes. You can see a clip here:

The place Jack is in is the remains of the portal area where the Guardian used to stand.

Jack makes his way through the debris strewn across the ground. Ashi finds him and asks why he left.

In response, Jack tells Ashi to leave, but she refuses. Jack explains that evil has taken everything he's ever loved, and he doesn't want it to take Ashi.

Ashi explained that they were brought together by the universe -- and together they will beat Aku.

Just then, Aku rises from the background. Aku gloats that Jack doesn't have his sword to protect him. But Jack immediately pulls out the sword. This scares Aku, who starts to retreat.

During his retreat, however, he notices Ashi. He knows she's of his blood, but he says "how can that be -- I never...but there was that one time."

Aku recalls that he provided his essence in a cup, which Ashi must have drank, thereby making her the "true" daughter of Aku.

While Aku is talking, Jack takes a swing at Aku with his sword. But Ashi blocks it. Ashi continues to block Jack's attacks, but at the same time, she insists that she's not doing it.

Ashi then goes on the attack against Jack -- she's unable to control herself. Jack tells her to focus and break free, but she can't.

Aku casts a spell that turns Ashi's body black, and returns her to a warrior state, in which she looks like Aku.

She starts fighting Jack vigorously, but he is able to destroy her sword. In the process, he cuts her arm, and partially returns to her human form.

Ashi screams, asking Jack to kill her. But he refuses to do it, and Ashi returns to the Aku form. In the process, Aku takes Jack's sword.

That's it for tonight's episode. Next week's episode promises to be a blockbuster, as it's the last episode. Check back here for all of the details.

You can watch the original Jack-vs-Guardian clip here:

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