Former The Walking Dead Star Wants To Join CW's The Flash

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The Walking Dead has been known for its penchant to kill over fan favorite characters over the years, but the season eight midseason finale shocked everyone when it revealed that Chandler Riggs' Carl has been bitten, leading to his departure when the series returned earlier this year.

While Riggs' time on The Walking Dead is over, he is already potentially setting his sights on another genre show, this time on The CW.

Riggs was recently at the Fandemic Tour Sacramento convention, where he participated in a panel. According to, during said panel, he was asked if he's starred in any superhero movies, in which he responded "I wish."

This response led to him then being asked if he preferred Marvel or DC, which brought on the following response.

“Honestly, I really like both, but The Flash is one of my favorite shows of all time. So I would say something DC.”

The panel moderator Clare Kramer then said "“There’s room for you on The Flash," in which Riggs responded "Yeah, I hope so," and "We'll see." 

While this is definitely not confirmation or even a tease of him actually being on The Flash, it wouldn't be that big of a surprise to see someone like Riggs show up.

Riggs has mostly been known for his TV work, even if he was auditioning for big roles like as Han Solo in the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story film, so adding him to a series like The Flash wouldn't be a big shock.

However, The Flash's cast is pretty full right now with a number of character being upped to regular like Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet, and Jessica Parker Kennedy, as well as the also needed to be cast main villain.

The villain that is ruined to be Cicada is looking for someone in their 40s though, so Riggs would not fit that role.

The best chance right now for Riggs to show up on The Flash would be as a one off character like a Meta of the week or something, so we'll have to see if the huge fan Riggs gets a chance to show up on the series or not.

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