Star Wars: The Bad Batch The Vintage Collection Pack Revealed

Many 6 inch toys have already been released/announced for Star Wars: The Bad Batch TV show via the Black Series line. Well now 3.75 inch collectors can celebrate because a Vintage Collection pack is heading your way.

The Vintage Collection Bad Batch 4-pack is an exclusive to Amazon and it will cost you $59.99. It comes with 4 great 3.75 inch scale toys.

The four toys you can get include: "Captain Rex, Captain Grey, Captain Ballast, and an Elite Squad Trooper". All figures come with photo real faces and removable helmets. You can read more from the press release details posted down below.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Star Wars The Bad Batch Figure 4 Pack

(Hasbro / Age 4 years and up / Approx. Retail Price: $59.99 / Available: Fall 2021) Featuring premium detail and design, multiple points of articulation, and original Kenner branding, this collectible Star Wars The Vintage Collection Star Wars the Bad Batch Figure 4 Pack is inspired by the Star Wars The Bad Batch animated series and makes a great gift for Star Wars fans and collectors. This action figure 4-pack is inspired by the characters in Star Wars The Bad Batch and includes Clone Captian Rex (Bracca), Clone Captain Ballast, Clone Captain Grey, and Elite Squad Trooper figures each presented on individual Star Wars The Vintage Collection cardbacks contained in additional packaging. These fully articulated figures feature poseable heads, arms, and legs, as well as premium design and detail. Includes 4 figures and 10 accessories. Available for pre-order exclusively at Amazon.

Hopefully more 3.75 inch scale toys are revealed for The Bad Batch show in the near future.

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