The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 Recap/Review: 'We Are The Flash'

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I'm going to be honest with you guys and admit that The Flash Season 4 hasn't been all that good.

Sure there have been some good moments, but overall the tone of the series didn't work for me and Clifford DeVoe was a pretty lame bad guy for The Flash to fight with each week.

I was hoping the Season Finale would have improved the show, but sadly 'We Are The Flash' was an underwhelming episode overall.

It wasn't until the last two minutes of the episode did I get intrigued because a big reveal was made.

Before the end happens though, Team Flash still needs to get rid of Clifford DeVoe and foil his plan to make the entire Earth dumb like cavemen.

His 'Enlightenment' is still ongoing and The Flash has no idea how to stop it.

That is until Marlize DeVoe comes to Star Labs to help out thanks to Iris bringing her back to Central City.

She comes up with a plan similar to Persona 5 or Inception where The Flash has to enter Clifford DeVoe's own mind to stop him.

In Marlize's opinion, she feels that the good side of Clifford DeVoe still exists inside his mind so she wants Barry to go out and search for him.

He does this using the telepathic powers that Cecile currently has. It's basically like entering The Matrix.

Surprisingly, Barry Allen enters DeVoe's mind and sees Ralph Dibny.

Ralph Dibny is still alive, even though DeVoe is taking control of his body. Barry and Dibny have to run away from the evil DeVoe though because they could end up stuck in his mind forever.

The pair try their best to find the 'good' DeVoe, but all their plans fail. This is because the good DeVoe is dead and it looks like the evil one has completely taken over.

It's up to plan B and that's when Barry says Ralph should just escape DeVoe's mind so that he can take control of his own body again.

This is easier said than done because DeVoe replicates himself in his own mind and will do anything to stop the heroic pair.

When DeVoe replicates himself, it reminded me a lot about the second Matrix film.

Both Barry and Ralph use their powers to overcome the DeVoe clones and Dibny escapes DeVoe's mind. Ralph Dibny is finally back and alive again while DeVoe is gone.

DeVoe has one more scare and that's using a hologram using his chair, but Marlize pulls the plug on it. After that, DeVoe is presumed to be dead forever and does not appear for the rest of the episode.

The danger is not over though because the satellite that DeVoe launched is hurling towards Earth and its impact could cause mass destruction.

Due to this, Cisco, The Flash and Ralph Dibny go to Central City to try and minimize the impact.

The Flash is the only one fast enough to break the satellite in half and he does this with an heroic punch. Surprisingly though, a mystery speedster helps him out, although their identity is hidden from view for now.

With the satellite gone, Earth is saved and Cecile is now able to give birth to her and Joe's child. Marlize decides to leave to help those in need and she even gives something to cure Harrison Wells.

Speaking of Wells, her "cure" only makes him average minded cause he's not as smart as he used to be.

Even though this disappoints Cisco, Wells is still happy to get some of his mind back. He decides to leave the team too to go back to Earth 2.

The end of the episode sees Team Flash throwing a party to celebrate the birth of Joe and Cecile's new daughter.

Ralph Dibny is back at the party too along with Wally West. They explain Wally West is more happier being on the Legends team because he said he'd be overshadowed by Barry staying with Team Flash.

Sadly, we don't see the return of Killer Frost in this finale, so Caitlin is still just a normal human being. Killer Frost is likely going to come back in Season 5 as there's more to her than meets the eye.

The finale also teases that Ralph Dibny could be a regular in Season 5 as well. I found the character to be quite annoying in Season 4, so I'm hoping his presence on the show isn't as heavy in Season 5.

Speaking of Season 5, we finally get to know the identity of the mystery speedster girl.

The girl reveals herself to be Nora Allen. This is none other than the future daughter of Barry and Iris! She's come to the past because she's mucked up something in the future!

As a final episode, I was a little underwhelmed by how they defeated Clifford DeVoe.

It felt kind of cheap that they just defeated him by simply making Ralph Dibny get control of his own body again.

I was hoping to see a powered up DeVoe face The Flash in the middle of the city using all of their cool powers!

Overall though, Season 4 felt weak since the tone of the series decided to be more campy than the previous seasons. Season 5 might be an improvement though thanks to the time traveling character of Nora Allen.

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